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Although young, Thana has many features that represent battle experience. Her appearance makes seem incredibly intimidating. A disfiguring scar stretches from her left eye, down to the corner of her lips, leaving the left side of her face horribly mangled. Despite the scar, her eye was left untouched in the fight that caused it. Her right ear has a knick in it, large enough to allow light to pass through, and there is shiny pink scar on her hindquarters. Bulging muscles ripple beneath her pelt, indicating sheer power. Her fur, which is as black as a moonless night, allows her to lurk in the darkness without being spotted. Her piercing yellow gaze glows with defiance, startling anyone to catch a glimpse. With rows of dagger-like teeth able to shred anything in its path, a size that allows her to tower above most, and a sleek, arrow-like body structure, she makes the perfect weapon. Her sharp, lean face and the tips of her ears are unusually narrow for a wolf's, but besides that, her breed is unmistakable. On two feet, she stands at a height of seven feet. Her thick, smoky black coat provides protection from the buffeting wind and icy chill, it's dark color absorbing heat from the sun. Her long tail helps her balance as she runs. Her webbed feet help to propel her through water, and prevent her from sinking into the snow when she runs in the winter. WIP