Remus Knight

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In Character

Male 03 Sep 2016
81.25% Wolf, 18.75% Dog Ortus
42.5% Alaskan Tundra Wolf, 12.5% Italian Wolf, 12.5% Scottish Wolf, 12.5% Rough Collie, 7.5% Eastern Timber Wolf, 6.25% Grey Wolf, 6.25% Irish Setter

Lupus: 36 in. 152 lbs
Secui: 47 in 204 lbs
Optime: 7'2" 256 lbs

Tall, thin, but with a good amount of lean muscle as an adult, he is currently still growing and has yet to become a proportionate adult, having large paws and ears attached to a small body with long legs.

His fur is an earthy grey, medium length and coarse, with wavy Optime hair as an adult.

Respectful and non-combative, sometimes a bit timid when it comes to social interaction. Timidness later on displays itself as mild irritability/short temper with people he doesn't know very well.
Good with animals and children, has an easier time socializing with children because of their open-minded nature, loves caring for animals and gardening, puts him at ease.

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