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Bartender, Lumberjack (Apprentice) I HAVE A BIG HEAD AND LITTLE ARMS
fighting dog of troy
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Female 03 Dec 2015
Dog Ortus
Brandy's a dog, through and through. Her Rottweiler and Doberman heritage blend nicely to create a dark coat with beige markings, typical of the breeds. She's a bit chubby and backs it up with thick muscle. She stands at 5' 8" in Optime form. Brandy is social, coarse, teasing, and doesn't take anything too seriously. Her rough mannerisms as well as thick appearance can make others think of her as a tough brawler. While she doesn't mind a good fight, Brady is a lover inside, and dreams of finding a soul mate some day. She loves meeting people and making friends, and is a very generous person.
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