Marcel Smith

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Wolf Ortus
A short but heavily built man. He has amber eyes and a muddled coat which is primarily brown but ranges into almost black around his flanks, and splotches of warm cream around his muzzle. A due of claw marks pass over his right eye - though the eye itself is unharmed - and a small, splotchy scar near his stomach marks an arrow wound.

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Marcel is generally a rather quiet, socially awkward man. He has trouble fitting in socially with the group at large, but is generally a rather dedicated and motivated member. Though his quiet is often mistaken for calm, it can often just hide a rather vicious temper and violent resentment towards coyotes. Somewhat unusually, Marcel looks down on those who hold racist or discriminatory sentiments towards anybody, with the one obvious exception being the hatred of himself and his group towards coyote, which he feels justified.
Marcel was born near the US/Canadian border, and spent much of his early life travelling around as a hanger-on to his family, who operated a trading caravan. He encountered Boreas in early 2015 after the caravan was attacked by a Sctintilla attack, and joined shortly after when he fell in love with Maria, a member of the group from birth. Marcel himself isn't particularly religious, but between Maria and what happened to his caravan, he's an extremely motivated member of the group otherwise. He's fairly low in Boreas and Maria is pregnant back with the rest of the group that haven't come to Souls, so he's come along with the raid to try and gain standing to give them a better life.