Andrew Winthrop

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Some guy who talks too much.

In Character

Male 11 May 2014
Red wolf/coyote hybrid Ortus
Gawky | Sort of funny lookin'

Art Credit: Nat
Chaotic Good | Captain Sassypants

Ascribing himself to a sense of optimistic nihilism, Redtooth tries to keep a positive outlook on life, but not without a heaping helping of darkly cynical sarcasm. Life is hard, and he knows it. Redtooth also knows that he is ill prepared for life on his own. Quick wit and a sharp tongue are his only weapons in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world.

Despite his cheery demeanor, nothing escapes Red's scathing commentary. His offbeat sense of humor keeps him sane, but it sometimes gets the best of him. Redtooth doesn't have much of a filter, and he tends to say whatever he thinks is funny at the time -- usually at the most inopportune moments. No subject is off limits

He's not really the best at reading his audience, and can sometimes come off awkward and clunky in casual conversation. Sometimes, when sufficiently frustrated with his clumsy social fumblings, Redtooth can come across as a jerk due to his heavy reliance on sarcasm and his desire to be funny. Deep down, all Redtooth wants is to be liked by others, and he feels if he can make them laugh, that they will like him in turn.

Redtooth is just an awkward kid with a heart of gold, looking for friends and acceptance from his peers.

Art Credit: Owl
As winter wound to a close and 2014 was still in its infancy, Redtooth's mother, Mary Winthrop, spied something she wanted. A hand crafted winter coat, made from the pelt of a bear. A creature of vanity, Mary's mind was set -- but she had nothing to trade, save for the meager crops she grew. She offered the coyote merchant what she could; a portion of her harvest. Tobacco. The coyote refused, believing he could get more for what he offered. Mary left, saddened by the fact that a deal could not be made.

She returned a few weeks later in season. She offered the coyote an offer that he was hard pressed to refuse. A barter with a traveling coyote merchant was made and it resulted in Mary's unplanned pregnancy. The coyote, with nothing left to sell, traveled on in pursuit of new wares.

Redtooth was born that May, along with two other brothers. His given name was Andrew, but he favored the nickname his mother gave him when he began to lose his baby-teeth. Redtooth. It stuck for no other reason than the fact that Andrew thought it sounded cool AF.

Red and Co. spent most of their adolescence working the soil on their mothers plot, cultivating tobacco. When the time came, after the harvest and a particularly incendiary break up with his childhood sweetheart, Redtooth felt it time to strike out on his own, so he left his brothers and mother behind with nothing more than a small pack of tobacco slung over his shoulder and a tattered jacket to keep him warm.
Mother: Mary Winthrop
Father: Name Unknown
Brothers: John and Ronny Winthrop
Click Here Voice Reference: Conor Oberst