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Crimson --
14 --
Plymouth, MN --
Middle School Student --
Thu Dec 29, 2016 6:15 pm --
Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:49 am

In Character

Male 29 Sep 2014
Alaskan Tundra Wolf Non-Luperci
Crimson has rough, but well kept white pelage that has splotches of red pelage from his mother, he has obsidian/dark red pupils with never fading bags under his eyes, which make him look always tired. He is at a normal weight which is 119.3 pounds and his height is 3.2 feet from ear to paw and his length is 5.5 feet from snout to tail. He is swift and has a developing muscular body which he tries to keep at. His tail is always at an amusing pose, and he keeps his head high, keeping it at a demanding and fierce position. He keeps himself warm being from Northern Alaskan Coast and is well adapted. He can go a long period without food as there were harsh winter he survived. Crimson is very social and tends to enjoy being with others, because of his social life, Crimson tends to be a loud mouth and but sometimes he enjoys being alone to listen and ponder. Crimson loves to be with nature and in the water, this leads him to be such a good swimmer which he developed a strange ability to see through nature. He is very courageous and likes to listen to both sides of an argument. He becomes very diligent when it comes to protecting others, an individual, or himself when they either can't defend themselves or are unaware of what they must overcome or surroundings. Crimson is an intelligent wolf for his age, he has fulfilledĀ his urgency to learn and obtain knowledge alone and with his friends. Crimson dislikes certain conversation topics, such as family, and his past.
Crimson was born in Northern Alaska near Barrow on the coast of the Beaufort Sea. He had his mother and father, their names were Tlachinolli which means fire and Yolotli which means heart, they were from an old pack and fell in love, then their pack territory was destroyed and they ran until they came to this area of Alaska. My father was a tundra wolf and my mother was a red wolf. Then I came along, they gave me the name Crimson because I look like a friend my parents made in their pack. I was a little cute pup, and I had a little trouble getting along with other but I always had a love for nature and I became more of an introvert, but that helped me developed my ability to see through nature, and see things no one has seen before. My mother gave birth to my sister when I was 11 months old. My mother got ill and she was dying at a rapid state, and my sister was not ready to be born yet, and they both died 3 days apart. My father fell into a deep depression and went into insanity, he abandoned me, and I had to fend for myself.
Tlachinolli is my father who fell into depression and withdrew into insanity, he abandoned me and his whereabouts are unknown
Yolotli is my mother and she died after giving birth to my sister with a mysterious illness, she was buried with my sister under a huge pine tree.