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Mexican wolf Ortus
In Lupus form Simon stands at a somewhat small 3 foot 7, weighing in at roughly 69 pounds. His fur is a short coat of mostly light brownish red, while the last few inches of his legs of black. He was a somewhat longer mane of black fur running halfway down his back while in Lupus form, helping to distinguish his rather southern breed. His eyes are a dark blue, almost verging on black themselves, though they shine when struck by just the right light.

Simon's Secui form is only slightly large that his Lupus, standing at around 4 foot 2 and weighing in at around 97 pounds. His fur retains it's coloring from his Lupus form, not changing very much with his larger size except for the slight lengthening of his black mane.

While an Optime Simon stands at approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs in at 149 pounds. The majority of his fur is a short coat of light brownish red, while the fur on the last 6 inches of his arms and legs is black. His physique remains slim and toned, almost verging on apparent malnourishment. While in his optime form he prefers to wear a pair of simple gloves made from patches of tanned animal hide tied together with dried intestine, these help to protect his hands while he works with hot metal. The black mane of his Lupus and Secui form becomes a bit shorter, resembling a large dark patch running a third of the way down his back instead of the obvious mane it usually is. During his journey northward he took to wearing a thick fur cloak made of pelts he has sewn together to keep himself warm in the chilly northern climates, As well as sewing a few pockets onto the inside of the cloak to help carry around small things that he has collected during his trip, including small spools of rough thread, bits of fabric, and several small pelts.
Simon can be a bit odd at times, as he has led a bit of a solitary life. He can be a bit awkward when dealing with people, though when he gets to know them he truly open up, acting like they've known each other for years. When consumed with his own devices, Simon can be all but oblivious to the rest of the world, with external stimulation jolting him from his trance and very likely off of whatever he happens to be sitting on. He enjoys tinkering with old bits of human technology and materials, just to learn a bit about what the world used to be like. He can be a bit distant and nervous in groups due to events that happened early on in his life, and will seem like he would rather be just about anywhere but there. Simon has a tendency to wander, which originates from his nomadic lifestyle early on in his life, occasionally his wandering can get him into trouble, taking him places he's not supposed to go. He also has quite a short attention span for things that don't interest him that much, so it is very normal for him to just drift off in the middle of a conversation, or just wander off when assigned to a task for a long period of time.
Born and shortly raised in Northern Brazil after his parents moved South from what was once Durango in Northern Mexico, Simon lived with his parents on the grasslands of what was once the State of Roraima. Born a Luperci he and his parents were rather nomadic, wandering the wide open spaces of their homeland. At a rather early age his father taught him to patch pieces of animal hide together to make simple things, such as pouches, hoods, and necklaces. Simon never saw another wolf until nearly his 8th month, when his family came upon a large pack of nomads. They joined together for a while, roaming contently, hunting when hungry, sleeping when the sun set, and celebrating when a new pup was born. During the time with the nomads Simon learned a bit more about the skills of tanning hide, and how to properly sew things together using thin leather cords, he even learned a bit about how to use some of the innards of the animals they hunted, as well as how to cook an edible cut of meat. The good times would not last however, for on the dawn of his 12th month a member of the pack turned on the rest during the night, killing several of his brothers and sisters before he was put down by the rest. For Simon this could not have been more of a tragedy, for his mother and father lay among the dead. Losing himself to sorrow, Simon fled the pack, his trust broken by the sudden betrayal at the hands of one he had called friend. He ran far, not stopping until he eventually hit the border of Colombia. Not knowing what else to do, he continued North into strange new lands, coming across strange people, whom he tried his best to stay clear of. He would slowly come to work as a tailor of sorts in small communities, living on the edge of town, patching together simple clothing and other useful pieces of garb out of rough fabric and animal hide. He grew rather handy with the tools of the trade, able to make somewhat sturdy bags and even a rough piece of leather armor or two. On his 15th month he continued his trek north, though the new weather was a tad chilly to his likes, he was determined to find a place where he could stop running from what had happened to him so far South.
Father and mother both dead, no other known relatives.