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large and in charge
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Male 03 Dec 2015
Dog Ortus
Biff's a dog, and that's extremely clear to anyone who even glances at him. He's large for a dog, and packs some extra weight along with his thick muscle. He stands at 6' 8" in Optime form. Biff's not that humanized, and doesn't usually wear clothes save for his spiked collar and chain necklace. Biff's a blasé, rough, free-wheeling junkyard dog to the bone. Biff is just as likely to make fun of someone as he is to fight them or make friends. He's not afraid to "shake up the status quo" a bit, and loves to get a rise out of people; he thinks it's funny. He does things at whims, very rarely regretting letting loose and doing what he pleases, even if it turns out to have a less-than-desirable result. He's also surprisingly well-read.