Night Hushhowl

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Casa di Cavalieri
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Female 12 Jan 2017
Wolf Ortus
Night will still be rather small once she's fully grown, reaching only 5'9 in her Optime form. She is covered in pitch black fur with a splotch of white on her chest. Bright emerald green eyes stand out against her dark fur and long black hair falls to reach the small of her back.
Night was born in January of 2017 to Hartt and Darkness Hushhowl shortly after they joined Casa di Cavalieri. In the spring of 2017 a sickness overtook the small pup and even after she was better, she still would have a sort of asthma attack anytime she became overly excited or exerted too much energy. Around this time, her father also disappeared and her oldest sister, Dusk, left Casa in search of him. Now she lives with her mother and sister in Casa di Cavalieri as she grows.
Father: Darkness Hushhowl
Mother: Hartt Attaya
Sisters: Dusk and Dawn Hushhowl
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