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Itsa me, Vale

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Male 04 Jul 2016
50% Coyote, 37.5% Dog, 12.5% Wolf Ortus
When fully grown, will stand at about six feet, five inches tall, and weigh about two hundred and fifteen pounds. His fur primarily a greyish tan, but with splotches of whiter colors, and darker browns especially toward the tip of his tail, and his limbs. Inherited a pair of pale blue eyes from his father. Still growing up, but very much a confident youngster. Has a tendency of biting off more than he can chew, especially when he is trying to impress others. Relatively trusting, despite his father's attempts to convince him otherwise. Isn't averse to attempting to get away with things through deceit, but isn't terribly good at keeping secrets if pressed by someone else.
Still growing up in Anathema, born to Nyx, from an encounter with Liir. His father only came into his life months after he was born, when he was captured by Inca's birth pack. Has spent his early life within Anathema, mostly with his sister, mother, and father.
Nyx- Mother
Liir- Father
May- Sister
Song - Half Sister (Deceased)
Uriah - Half brother
Besekel - Half brother
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