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In Character

Male 07 Dec 2015
Canis Lupus Ortus
Fur colour: Blackish Brown, with a gunmetal gray tint
Eye colour: Gold

Luperci Body{
Full Height - 6’2”
Body type- Ectomorph/Mesomorph
Hair - worn in a main (long hair is an unnecessary impediment)


Lupus Body{
Full height -
can be described as:
lean, lanky, swift, stronger-than-he-looks

Generally sly, and clever. Does not restrain feelings, and does not care what other people think of who he is or how he presents himself. Generally tends to become angry easily, and takes a while to wind down. Despite all his emotions, he has a logical side, that tends to be either seditious, or genuinely kind and caring. He carries himself confidently, while remaining low key, this is a defense mechanism to keep people from knowing whether or not he is weak.

Speaks clearly and definitely, but has a lower than average tone for his age. He can also infuse his voice with emotion at will.

Body language:
Generally a defiant aura surrounds him, and has a tendency to display an “aggressive submissive” posture when he is required to submit to those he does not respect, or does not particularly like very much (...) Body language changes with moods.

General Presentation:
Generally will wear one of a few different items

-trashed knapsack {
-one strap replaced by a canvas strip
-colour indeterminable because of dirtiness
-handle replaced with tanned leather strap (stolen from his parents place)
-3 boxes of salvaged "satin" brand cigarettes
-heritage accessories
-repaired muscle shirt
-ripped washed out jeans
-black hoodie (hood enlarged, arms lengthened)
-personal journal
-writing/drawing pad
-white cloth strips for fighting (freshly cleaned but with red stains remaining)
-Weathered copy of the Holy Bible
-homemade studded belt
Alyx has a wolf equivalent of a severe bipolar disorder. His mood can change from happy to raging in under point-5 seconds. His moodiness developed during his childhood, when his parents would threaten to change his outward demeanor under the implied penalty of emotional abuse. Though he was raised in an abusive household, Alyx developed a strong desire for knowledge and was exposed to the basics of a handful of kinds of studies. Even so, they specifically made him focus on a few studies they thought were necessary. Combat, and Hunting were required in the world, so those two came first. However, as it was necessary to find a trade, they introduced him to sewing and related skills. This major skill has enabled Alyx to custom fit human clothing to his luperci body; Mostly tail-hole fitting, general resizing, thread-work, and repairs.

As Alyx’s birth family was as abusive as it was oppressive, he greatly desires to have a family or friends group that cares for him. He is however very picky about what kind of people he hangs around with. Most females are fine (depending on their personality), prissy ones he can’t stand though. But when it comes to males, he is extremely judgmental. He can’t stand overconfidence, one-upping, teasing, athleticism, braggarts, liars, nutcases, anti-social tendencies, show-offs (depends on intentions), competitiveness, snobs, drama-queens, backstabbers, and the like. But in the end, if someone has a good personality, and they show it regularly to him, then they’re all good, boy or girl.

Alyx hates a lot of things. He dislikes people accusing him of things, and will point out that he is innocent whenever someone poses an accusatory statement in the same room as him. His parents accused him of everything that went wrong in the shack that he grew up in. Even if he was physically incapable of being at fault. He despises people who are in authority, especially if they are abusive in any way. Reason: Parents were a major authority figure in his life… And they were repetitively abusive in a variety of ways. He hates when people touch him without his permission; and while he does not have a “personal bubble”, he dislikes bodily contact as his parents would usually hurt him in some way, even if jokingly, whenever they touched him.

When it comes to socializing, Alyx is usually aloof around males, and somewhat more open around females. Alyx is usually all good with just talking, but tends to not like talking about his childhood. Whenever he feels uncomfortable, he will usually take a step away from the conversation, and try to blend into the framework. When he is drunk (which isn’t very often), he is a totally different, all his inhibitions fall away, and he becomes (instead of a slightly morose introverted-extrovert) a social, care-free, unpredictable, annoying, quirky, average luperci.

Though raised in this abusive household, Alyx developed a strong thirst for knowledge and was exposed to handful of different studies. His parents constantly pushed him to learn a variety of basic skill sets, and specifically made him focus on

Even with this abusive house, Alyx developed an abnormally high intelligence. This intelligence was partially due to the fact that his parents kept him almost constantly learning the basics of different skills, such as metal work, literacy, toxicology, first aid, Christianity, gardening, hunting. (While all the material of this education was very shallow, it has stuck with Alyx since he left home.)
Alyx was born on Dec 7th 2016, in a small 3 room shack that his father had fixed out of the foundations of a ruined human house. This “house” was on the outskirts of what once was Quebec city, and this proximity gave ease of access to the city ruins for Alyx and his family. Alyx lived with his mother and father, who were both active wolf luperci. He remained in lupus form, until his late fifth month of life, when his sister was killed by some poisonous berries she had eaten. She had always been nice to him, while their parents had always been more interested in her. After her death, and Alyx’s first shift into Optime form not too long after, his parent’s treatment of him changed drastically. Whenever they were feeling in even the slightest “off” mood, they would abuse Alyx in some way. Whether emotionally, physically, or psychologically, it made no difference, as Alyx’s personality was shaped by their negative treatment.

At about the age of 6 months, Alyx’s parents began his intense education. For the next four months, he studied everything they taught him, in an effort to abate their insatiable desire to “punish” him. He studies many topics, but his parents molded his education to revolve around needlework, combat and hunting. Any time Alyx finished a lesson, they would ingrain it into his mind with a set of difficult (both physically and mentally) tasks that used every aspect of what he had learnt. Later on in his education, Alyx’s parents brought on a group of stray male luperci to begin an education with him. This began a rather unpleasant time Alyx’s life, as historically, he had come to love his lessons, but the male luperci pack that joined him, made him a target of ridicule, mocked him, insulted him, and on occasion, beat him up. His parents weren’t much help with this, they said “it builds character”. Well it built a character alright, Alyx rarely associated with male luperci anymore.

When he was a month away from his first year of life, he decided that he wanted to find a new life for himself. His parents obviously resisted strongly, and kept him under their supervision for almost 3 months. Alyx spent his time while under lock-down looking through the ruins of Quebec. When Alyx finally was not under the gun from his parents, he packed what few things he had into a beat up, grimy old human backpack, and in the middle of the night, fled his horrible family’s home.

He traveled old human roads, and met many interesting characters, but preferred to make his base-camp in the woods, so as to stay away from other luperci. He forded a river, then walked down an old crumbling human road that had once been the trans-Canada highway, making his way in the same direction he had taken from his parents house: east, southeast. When he reached the coast on the northern edge of what was once Nova Scotia, he decided to follow it, knowing that a civilization, whether filled with life, or simply a ruin, would (have) require(d) water to live. Thus he came, through a long, and circuitous route to the land of souls.
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