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Luperci Bound by blood, never alone.
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Male 13 Sep 2013
Mackenzie Valley wolf (73%), Labrador wolf (27%) Ortus
Auspicium prefers his secui and lupus forms over his optime form, due to the values and social norms he initially grew up with. He's mostly seen using his secui form, as it is stronger and has helped him with his stamina on multiple occasions.
He is a technically large male, with his long limbs making up an important part of his lengthiness. A small fraction of his body is covered in recently-acquired scars.

In his lupus form, Auspicium measures 32 inches at the shoulder and weighs 120 pounds. He is a thin male with strong, long limbs, and most of the time his coarse fur is dirty and unkept. He has a mostly silver (#E5E4E2) body and has powderblue (#B0E0E6) eyes. Dashes of taupe (#483C32), granite (#837E7C) and oil (#3B3131) decorate his head and back.
In his secui form, he appears slightly larger and muscular, measuring 38 inches at the shoulder and weighing 140 pounds. Auspicium uses this form the most, as it helps him execute his daily tasks with not as much difficulty compared to his ‘weaker’ lupus form.
Lastly, in his optime form, he is a quite skinny individual, measuring 66 inches at the shoulder and weighing 160 pounds. He likes to keep his wavy, matted hair at a long length, and his fur is just as unkempt as in his other forms. He doesn’t feel comfortable wearing clothes at all but likes to wear a dark cloak for aesthetic purposes.

Scent: earth, dried herbs.
Auspicium is a calm, borderline sociable individual. He believes everyone should be treated with respect unless they give him a very good reason not to do so.

Due to his negative experience with his past pack, Auspicium he doesn't feel comfortable with higher forms of authority, like leaders, but tries his best to calm down and keep it hidden.
With acquaintances, he likes to present himself as a reserved individual. He doesn't reveal much facts about himself, which results in him having lots of acquaintances, but very few friends.

He is also a highly skeptical individual. He doesn't fully believe anything he's told at all, and likes to spend most of his free time thinking. He only puts his trust on the ones he's formed strong bonds with, because they only want good things for him and could never be wrong, right?
When Auspicium puts his trust in anybody he is a complete fool, to at least to that specific individual, and will do and believe almost anything he is told by them. Because of this, he is easily manipulated.

As to intimate relationships, Auspicium is an individual who is at the time not considering the possibility of producing offspring. He has never gotten to the point in which he's trusted that much intimacy to anybody, and doesn't think anything like that will happen anytime soon.
Born in September 13, 2013 to luperci parents.

Auspicium was born to two luperci ortus parents; a Mackenzie Valley and Labrador wolf hybrid mother and a purebred Mackenzie Valley wolf father. He was the second-born in a litter of three (3) puppies.

He grew up with his family in a relatively large nomad pack. His mother was a trader, and his father was in charge of hunting and keeping the pack safe. Both were important positions, taking into account the pack survived due to the relations they kept with other nomads and loners.
Auspicium spent most of his time with his mother, but still kept and special connection with his father. He learned from his mother about trading and the value of certain materials, his pack soon watched him grow from a shy, little puppy, to a clever wolf who would one day take the place of his mother.

He forced himself to leave his pack and family behind after his father was accused of the unfair murder of a loner. His father vanished, and Auspicium was devastated, he noticed him and his family was slowly being isolated by their own pack. He firmly believed the pack leader was conspiring against his family, as he trusted both of his parents with his life, so he decided he couldn't stand living under the commandment of a tyrannical leader. Even if his leader was right and his father did commit a crime, he also couldn't stand to stay with his family and be lied to again. He left with nothing but his own skills and memories, hoping to find a better place to live.

After leaving, he spent endless months as a loner, which resulted in multiple damages to both his physical and mental health; he became malnourished and most of his previous social skills were viciously exchange with doubt.
Auspicium first arrived at Vinátta, hoping the seemingly calm environment of the Vikings would ease his spirit, but upon first arriving, he realized the pack wasn't meant for him. Then he arrived at Anathema, which from a first glance seemed like a much more promising pack. Upon joining Anathema, Auspicium started working towards bettering himself and his skills for the sake of his new pack/family and himself.
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