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Female 24 Jan 2012
42% Belgian Malinois, 16% Cretan Hound 42% Italian Wolf Ortus
Kasiani stands at 5'10" in Optime and has an athletic build with a fair amount of muscle. She has a medium length coat with a thick under layer. She has longer bits of fur around her face, ears, chest, and backs of legs. A large set of ears rest on her head as well as a broad muzzle from her Belgian Malinois blood. Her tail is thick, bushy, and slightly curled. Her appearance sides more with the dog in her blood, but her thick build and coat lends more to her Italian wolf lineage.

Her main coat color is Night Rider with highlights of Tamarind. Her back is blanketed with Bulgarian Rose and has splashes of this color on her temples, above her eyes, backs of ears, tail, and down the fronts of her legs. There is also hints of Red Oxide mixed within. Golden Bell follows the ridge of her back and stops about mid way. There is also highlights of Golden Bell on the tips of her ears, under her eyes, tip of her tail, top of her muzzle, and on her paws until about mid shin. Anzac highlights the gold bits of her fur and splashes her underside and neck and legs until below the bends in her legs. Her eyes are a brilliant Limeade which stands out from her mostly dark coat.

Clothing wise, Kasiani is usually decked out in a complete set of fur lined leather armor. As a warrior she doesn't indulge much in feminine clothing. The rest of her wardrobe is mostly armor as well, but simpler pieces that can be accented with other simple wardrobe choices.
Kasiani has a cold shoulder for most she doesn't know well, although she wasn't always that way. She is sarcastic, stubborn, confident, and a lot of times rude. Her past has molded her into someone that can be defined as manly and arrogant, but she is so much more than that.
Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Kasiani was destined for excellence from a very young age. She was born to Semper Viridis, a smaller back that thrived on the outskirts of the city. She didn't let the size of her pack inhibit her growth. From an early age she was confident, determined, and focused. Even before her first shift she was versed in lupus battle and once she was standing on two feet, she was a force to be reckon with. In adulthood, Kasiani formed an illimitable pride for Semper Viridis.

Her determination could be attributed to the ever growing Lumen Romani. The empire had already conquered most other small packs, absorbing them to expand their hold on the city. It was one Patrician in particular that Semper Viridis needed to fear. Bellamy Bianchi. He was obsessed with power and human culture, always searching for new ways to bring Rome back the glory it held when the humans prospered. When his hunger for power grew insatiable, Bianchi began a foreign slave trade specifically to help expand his fodder for the legacy his father left behind. The gladiator battles were most feared within Lumen Romani by the commoners and slaves of the growing society. Any slaves that ended up in Bianchi's possession were evaluated and then sent to battle when deemed worthy. Slaves named 'unfit' for battle were traded. When Bianchi noticed that small groups continued to thrive on the outskirts, he lashed out aiming to secure the stronger members of the packs as pawns in his game.

By this time, Kassiani was an adult and had worked her way up the ranks of her own small pack to become the Coryphaeus(Alphess). She lead alongside her mate Luciano. Together, the two planned on expanding their own small pack so that it was untouchable by Maximilian and his willing followers. But, their dream soon crumbled before their eyes. Before they were able to build Semper Viridis large enough to defend itself, Bianchi identified them as a threat. He falsely accused Luciano of murdering one of Lumen Romani's nobles. The pack was destroyed. Most died, pridefully defending the pack and all it stood for and those who survived were taken as slaves. Luciano was forced into the gladiator battles to fight for his life and Kasiani was made one of Bellamy's personal slaves alongside a few other women.

She plotted during this time, to find a way to assassinate Bianchi and escape with her mate. It was a nearly impossible feat. Luciano survived battle after battle, and each time Kassiani was forced to watch in despair. Both of the former leaders had been fragmented down into mere ghosts of the successes they had been. The former Coryphaeus tried to convince the other slaves to help her kill Bianchi, but they were much to afraid to listen. While Kasiani had one been able to inspire the greatness of a whole pack, she could now not even inspire a few slaves to listen to her proposal.

Her efforts no longer mattered when Luciano was matched up against a monster of a man and at last, lost his life in the throws of battle. Kassiani was distraught by Luciano's death. In reaction to the loss, she lashed out and killed two of the Bianchi's guards. She he was no longer permitted to watch the gladiators fight and was cast down to the pits to take care of the surviving gladiators as a slave. Her life was reduced to nothing but a blur of passing days and darkness. Her hate deepened for Bellamy Bianchi and all of Lumen Romani and a new hate arose for Luciano's killer.

A new plan was in order. She kept her mind strong by learning bits and pieces of other languages from the gladiators and became skilled as a combat medic. She needed the perfect opening to pull her plan off. All it would take was one slip in the system. Kasiani practically begged to become one of the gladiators, but the Bianche denied every request saying she was only fit to scrub waste off the cell floors and wipe the gladiators clean of blood and dirt. Her hate continued to grow and her hope began to diminish when the whispers fell silent.

Unknown to Kasiani, others were were devising secretly alongside her. Hope was revived when whispers of a revolt traveled to everyone who was willing to participate. Just a chance at escape was all she needed to keep going. One night, her hopes became a reality and chaos broke loose in the heart of the city. With the first part of her in movement, she played her part. After taking down the cell guards and the key barer, Kasiani set the gladiators free. She left one gladiator behind in hopes she could return later and finish him off herself, the one opportunity she had been denied by Bianchi by means of battle. Bellamy was higher on her list and she joined in the uprising against the him. Kasiani delivered the final blow and ended his legacy.

With Bianche's legacy falling to ruins, Kassiani returned to claim revenge on Luciano's murderer. Unfortunately, an ally got to him first. With nothing left for her in Italy, she started a voyage with one goal. Avenge her fallen lover. She made a trek slowly away from Italy following any lead she could find. When her leads diminished, she took up a profession as a mercenary. Kasiani honed her skills based of what she knew about Luciano's killer and get beneficial pieces of information. For a while, she lost sight of her goal and was swept up in the business, finding pleasure in taking lives for others who couldn't take revenge on their own. It took a little over a year for Kasiani to find the piece of information she was looking for before she headed off to 'Souls.
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