Anna Theos

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In Character

Female 11 Jul 2011
50%Arctic Wolf 50%Coyote
In Lupus form she is what most would call a tiny dancer, her body is more the build of a coyote with wolf features that makes it almost difficult to tell what breed she is. Her ears are pronounced, taking a coyote appearance and sitting high on her skull like dual radars. Her muzzle is more slender than a wolf’s and yet a little too white to that of a coyote’s. Her paws are the daintiest thing about her, tiny little things that more her movements look like a prancing effort. Her tail seems longer than either species, sweeping around her though it always seems to be in motion. From excitement to just plain amusement.

If you move to her Secui form, well you cannot tell much of a difference. She gets to be taller, standing more of a normal wolf height then her runty appearance of her Lupus form. She looks more malnourished in this form, her ribs jutting out just to make this form look even skinnier than it should. Around her spine her fur lengthens, taking the appearance of a Mohawk from between her ears to the base of her tail. This form is more for speed than strength but it is a lot stronger than her lupus form. Her body still is the perfect mix of coyote and wolf but her coyote looks are more apparent.

Now on to her more used form of all, Optime form. This form makes her look even more vulnerable than her Lupus form; she stands at only a tiny 4 foot 8 inches. With that she has very little weight to her; she has not a bit of fat really on her body making the winter very chilled for her. Her figure can only be described as a hourglass, perfect curves that seemed to grace her hips that make every little step seem like she is really trying to sway her hips. Her feet and hands are just as dainty as her lupus form, making her walk look more like dancing or even as if she is trying to prance. Her ears are larger in this form, usually filled with expression. Her tail seems longer though it’s constantly in motion.

Anna is a very light colored girl, standing out against her black furred family. The color can only be described as sand if not a very light variation of it, but that is not the only color on her body. No a even lighter cream seems to touch her bottom lip, trailing to her stomach. Her eyes are a very alluring color, a soft color of jade that seems to darken to an emerald towards the pupil. Framed with dark blonde lashes. Her hair in Optime form is a dirty blonde, often cut very short.

optime reference and lupus headshot
More will be added but lets just say she has the mind of a child, a child in a woman's body. Toughing through ADHD and her timid nature around the male sex.
Anna was born a slave and was often abused by males. When she was seven months old she was sold to Amy and was given to Thana. After being in Thana's care for a few days, the dark woman began to care for the girl and ended up adopting Anna as her own child. She has been following her adoptive mother around ever since.
Adoptive Father: Shadowfang
Adoptive Mother: Thana Theos
Adoptive Brother: Shade Sier