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Night is 1 year old now making him about 18 years of age in canine years.

Night's fur is as black as his fathers' before him and his training has made him one with the darkness and this had made his father proud. Night has been born, breed and taught the ways of an assassin, of a hunter and of kindness. Even if an expert hunter were to somehow see Night within a forest at night they would most likely think it a ghost due to how dark Night's fur is.

Night in his normal Lupus form is rather average with a slender, athletic and yet strong, agile build. However, while his lupus form is average in look the size is not so average. His Secui and Optime forms are nothing average either.

In his Lupus form, he weighs 110 lbs and is 3'0 feet tall in Lupus. His build is simple and yet ready to move quick and silently within the shadows of trees or at night.

In Secui he weighs 175 lbs and is 4'2 feet tall in this mighty form. The fur grows longer and the main around his head is more pronounced along with his shoulders and his strength, speed and agility rise making him an even more powerful hunter. His fur still remains black as night and his eyes don't change color except his stare seems to be deeper than before.

Night in his Optime form is an impressive 7'0 with a weight of 195 lbs. Body type is a lean athletic build and his strength is increased as well as his stamina. In this form climbing, jumping and other actions are now possible so rather than having to worry about an attack from the ground you may very well have to watch the trees as well. In all three forms, Night's fur is as black as the night and the only thing that sets him aside from other black wolves is his beautiful, brilliant crystal blue eyes. These were from his father and he takes pride in this fact.

Other rare traits that set him aside is the all black nails and underfur. There isn't a part of him that isn't black as night except for his tongue and eyes. He is almost an exact copy of his father, like his shadow. The difference being size and temperament.

Another trait or talent that he has is his ability to shift from form to form very quickly due to many moons of sitting with his father and learning how to master his own body and mind. Like his father, he has taken to stealth and the hunt. Night has done all he could to walk in his father's shadow.
Even though Night has been taught to be a good hunter and fighter, his greatest triumph is his kindness that his father made sure to teach him. Thanks to the way his father raised him he is quick, kind and helpful.

Many times during his travels he has helped those he did not know and put himself in danger to defend that which he felt needed it. At least the pup that was Night wanted to help all and Shadow was dragged around wanting to show how kindness is not a weakness. If befriended or allowed into a pack he would be a very loyal, caring, swift and stealthy addition.

At first meet, one would think Night a solemn, silent, mysterious individual, even intimidating. However, once they get to know him or just talk to him, they would see a heart full of kindness and even though he was trained by his father. He was not made into a killer like Shadow's father wanted. Shadow helped his son grow into a passionate wolf. And he would make a great addition to any pack and is very keen on Honor and respect.

Due to his time being raised by his father Shadow. Night has been taught how to hunt, hide, fight and survive. He has been taught to read thanks to Shadows time with other packs in his youth and knows about some herbs that help with healing wounds and help to disinfect. Tea was something shadow passed down as well because once learned about, it was found to be quite delicious.
Shadowfang was a part of the pack New Dawn and he will always love and cherish every memory of that place. Given time Shadowfang left New Dawn and was made a proud member of the family/pack CDC and has never been happier however with the passage of time Shadow has grown old and in his later years, he decided to travel back to his blood home and see the grave of his mother one last time before settling down and allowing his age to eventually take him away from this world.

Shadow had a son after leaving the CDC and so it will be a surprise when the young prodigal son comes back to see the pack for the first time. While away from CDC Shadow and Night trained and hunted, spared and just lived a life of father and son. Night took to everything that was taught him and shown to him like a young ambitious pup that didn't know any better. Unlike his father before him, Shadow wanted to train and teach his son without pain or fear. He wanted to bring him up as a fine strong, passionate wolf that he knew his mother would want.

Night was taught how to take down prey larger than himself using skill and cunning. He was taught how to take down deer and other prey using tools like weapons and other things. Night was taught that teeth aren't a wolves only weapon. He was taught to thank the spirits for the feast and to thank the animal for giving its life for the wolf to survive. Even though he was taught these things he is not perfect and has made mistakes that cost him his meal and a couple scrapes. Night usually sticks to small animals and likes to stay in his Lupus form whenever able.

Like his father, Night was shown how to be stealthy and how to cover one's scent to keep from being found or followed. Shadow still lives a good distance away from his old home but has a simple life and managed to use an old cabin that humans used long ago. Thanks to the CDC Shadow learned many things he had not known and now his son was better for it.

Shadow even started to teach his son about poisonous plants and which ones to avoid. Due to his training and the hard work Night is getting better at avoiding dangers.

Night is good at hunting, fighting and at being stealthy. These were the main lessons being given. It was how Shadow survived to old age and the same would be so for his son. Given time Night may just master these lessons and maybe one day be as good, or better than his father.

Recent History: Shadow has gotten older and has some trouble moving around easily so with the birthday of his son being today and making him a year old Shadow feels it is time to let his son go out and explore the world. His first stop? The old grounds of New Dawn, Shadow spoke highly of it and other than its beliefs in some things it is a beautiful place. Nights next mission will be to find the CDC and to introduce himself as the son of Shadow.

Shadow has given Night his old harness which was used to carry Two swords and a Longsword that was fashioned him by a friend in the CDC long ago. However due to Night's age and slightly smaller size compared to Shadow. He has only managed to sheath two long daggers. Shadow has said that once he grows more and gets older perhaps then he might give him the large old blade as a gift after his passing.
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