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Female 19 Jan 2015
50% Common Gray Wolf, 50% Italian Wolf Ortus
This small, dignified woman is covered in soft fur of medium-thickness; the color of steel. Calypso is a Luperci Ortus and quite proud to be. She is petite and short: about 5ft 3in and 152 lbs in Optime form, 36in and 115lbs in Secui, and 20in and 42 lbs in Lupus form (which she uses rarely). She could be considered well-endowed when it comes to her chest. Her back is a shadow of charcoal starting from her shoulder blades and extending downward while becoming thinner at her tail’s base. Said tail has a tip that appears as if its been dipped in the same ink as her back. Her underside—stomach, breasts, thighs, paws—are lighter gray but not quite white. A long, white mane of hair flows down from her head to the small of her back in neat, well-kept dreadlocks separated by silver-painted beads. She very rarely goes without a bandana to hide her forehead, which she’s always thought was unsightly larger than it should be. Stern chips of ice make her eyes. She holds herself with extreme consideration and grace, coming from a formal family and raised politely as such. Her right ear’s lobe is delicately pierced and her right shoulder holds a simple wing tattoo. Both these modifications were done when she lived in Barbados.
She has an English accent, but occasionally will accidentally use some Creole.
Calypso is an arguably beautiful Capricorn, born in January, but is not at all kind like most. She holds herself in high regard and quietly proudly. She is not conceited or arrogant, but her properness does cause her to believe herself above those that seem dirty or informal. Mystic, witchdoctor, or not, she is a lady and a well-kept one at that. She will only mess herself for medicine and magics’ sake. She is stern and reserved, having become more so after the death of her mother with whom she was close. Growing up with magic as her main teaching made Calypso very spiritual.
She practices a loose interpretation of real-life Haitian Vodou mixed with some Wiccan beliefs. There is a visual, malleable world and the invisible world to her which one enters after death. She doesn’t fear death because she trusts the spirits and ancestors that live in the invisible world, which she and her mother called Lwa. The gods and spirits she ‘knows’ are also referred to as Lwa.
Calypso might come off as cold, which is ironic in her profession of caring and treating people. She is secretive, protective of who she is and where she has come from. Distrust, especially towards men, is abound, due to both her father’s sins and the men that killed her mother. Being raised almost solely by her mother alone has given her particular affinity and preference to women anyway. She keeps it to herself but the girl is actually quite sensual and sometimes erotic when she wants to be, but it embarrasses her, often too much to be confident about such acts.
Selfishness comes with a life of living generally independent aside from her dam. She can occasionally be manipulative, which comes with little remorse. Well, Calypso is often unexpressive anyway. Perhaps with time she can be an egg to crack, but a layer of ice protects her from the true bane of the world. She deals with every problem with dignity and grace.
Calypso was born in 2015 in London, England to a well-off and influential family. Her birth name, which she dares not speak, once reflected her prestige. Due to unforeseen circumstances—possibly because of a major family disgrace—Calypso’s family had to quickly upheave and sail to Barbados when she was only a tender seven months of age.
It was here that much of her development took place, both physical and spiritual. Her father left the picture soon after their settlement so Calypso began mentorship with her mother. The small one did not know what hidden abuse her mother endured by his hand until the beginning of her adult life, which aided in her later distrust of men. However there may be more to that story that Calypso is holding back.
With her mother, she learned many healing techniques herbs and remedies, and the witchcraft they kept so secret during those years. They both began going by names that better reflected their new environment. New, refreshing identities for a new life. Due to their previous education, the classy way they held themselves, their practice, and the amount of pretty jewelry they wore, many of the residents of Barbados (what little there was) treated them as respected Obeah, healing mystics or witchdoctors. They even began to get close to the main boat-controlling family through their medicine and divination. Calypso also learned some fishing techniques, although being a rather prim woman made her detest smelling of the water-dwellers.
After her mother was inexplicably murdered by those they trusted, Calypso found it rather hard to remain in Barbados alone. She needed her mother’s knowledge, protection, and assistance to entertain the pirates, travelers, residents that desired their practice. She couldn’t remove the memories or bond they formed and was slipping into a depression. She boarded a boat that was heading to Freetown and began her Northern adventure.

Healing - Master
Witchcraft (Lwa Vodou) - Expert
Caribbean Dialects (French and Creole) - Journeyman
Reading & Writing - Journeyman
Survival - Apprentice
Horsemanship - Novice
Combat - Novice
Calypso learned Bajan Creole and some Caribbean-variant French while staying in Barbados, and English (er, the common tongue) is her maiden language.