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Just some girl who likes to write, read, draw, play music, watch movies and listen to music ^^. My native language is dutch, so sorry for the mistakes I might make. - Avatar thanks to Kattam-

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Wolfdog ( +/- 50/50 Border Collie and Greywolf) Ortus
Lupus: Kate is a slender built wolf. She has a fluffy and thick fur coat which keeps her, and sometimes others warm in colder times. The colour of her fur is mainly white with a colour touch of rusty orange. These colour touches show that she has Border Collie roots. The form of the spots can remind you of a big paint dripping. These paint drippings continue on the sides of her head, which leaves a beautiful white stripe in the middle. Her ears are floppy, also a Border Collie inheritance, and have the same rusty colour as described before. Her eyes have a beautiful grass green colour, if you would look at her, her eyes would be the thing you would remember. Her built is slender, but also small. She is smaller than a wolf but bigger than a dog. Her dad loved to call her his mini wolf, because of it.

Secui: Kate doesn’t mind this form, although it’s not her favorite. She is bigger than she is in a lupus form but yet small compared to others. Her fur gets wilder and fluffier in this form, which gives her a rougher look. She says that all the wild fluff make it look as if there is a very hard wind going through it. But besides all of this she loves the ultra-fluffy tail the most in this form.

Optime: She prefers this form the most. Even if she is smaller than almost every one of her age, in this form it doesn’t really matter. Her slender posture is clearly visible, just as her bigger hips and her small waist. The fluff stays but is a little bit less, accept her tail, this stays as fluffy and soft as in every form she has.
Kate loves to help others and is a little bit naïve at moments. She gives everyone what they need and can forget about herself. Luckily, her parents taught her everything they knew. Her father taught her how to tattoo and her mother taught her how to heal small wounds with herbs and plants. Kate tried to learn how to cook, but since reading wasn’t her thing she couldn’t read any recipe and stopped trying. She loves to dream about traveling and getting to know more people and more professions. These dreams make her curious about everything, she wants to try, she wants to taste, she just wants to know everything there is to know. This dreamer side of her, also has a negative side. Since she dreams about good and happy things, she will get very disappointed if the good thing doesn’t happen or when things don’t go the way she had planned.

In her free time Kate loves to tattoo or paint, she is very creative and is very good at what she does. Of course not everything goes very smoothly. Tattooing words is not something she does, and avoids as much as possible, since she can’t read it and doesn’t understand how to form the letters correctly.
Kate is very good at making all kinds of friends and loves them all. Her heart is loyal and would never turn her back or betray anyone. In a group of people this fluff ball is very adaptable and able to go along with everyone.
She is terrible at making choices and gets very frustrated if people give her to many options to choose from. Her leading skills are not so good , so she mostly tend to follow a good leader. Once she find someone to win over her dreamy heart, she will stay loyal and never want to leave this beautiful persons side.

All of this above doesn’t take away the fact that she can also be very sarcastic and playful around specific people. Kate likes to hang around with both genders and finds both of them attractive, so she identifies herself as a bisexual, although she leans a little bit more to the females.
Kate lived together with her mother and father in a pack of wolves, the original tribe of her father. Her father taught her how to tattoo, while her mother thought her how to heal the wounds with herbs. She started this at a very young age, which leads to her being very good at it. Also her parents weren’t very happy if she didn’t practiced daily, so the pressure on Kate was high. Everything went well until her father decided that, she could take care of herself and her mother. Her mother tried to reason with him and asked him millions of times to stay, but her father thought that traveling the world to become the best artist was his life mission and left them alone. The pack itself wasn’t so open-minded anymore, once the father left, and started to bully her and her mother. Kate tried to protect the both of them but her mother found it useless and left Kate to find a safer place for them.
Her mother went to a nearby pack, in this pack a good friend of her lived and he wanted to help her. So she went back home to get Kate. Sadly enough she never made it back. Kate noticed that her mother stayed away longer as planned and went to look for her.

Kate found her mother dead in the forest and tried to give her a decent burial, after which she followed her mother’s scent to the nearby pack. The scent leaded her to a small place she recognised from a long time ago. It was the tent of her ‘uncle’. Her uncle kindly invited her and helped her with becoming a part of this new pack. He also helped her evolve her tattooing skills even more.
She fitted in very soon and not long after she started noticing that a girl she really liked a long time ago, still lived in this pack. Yennefer, was her name and she could be Kate’s one and only love but she was afraid to admit it, their friendship was amazing and she didn’t want to ruin it.

She settled in this pack but wanted to see more of the world and finding out, who she really wanted to become. That’s why she left, her uncle gave her and Yennefer de Valk a ticket to Souls. This ticket was something Kate’s father had left behind. He knew that Kate would like to go and travel, see more of the world then this little forest in Europe. Her uncle knew some sailors and arranged that Yennefer could come as well. Not long after, they got their tickets, they went to the boats searching for new adventures.
mother: Died while trying to help Kate and herself
father: left on a adventure to become the best artist ever
uncle: Best friend of her mother and brother of her father. He is also big in the art world.
Yennefer de Valk: Best friends.
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