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Gray wolf Ortus
Yennefer is a dark grey grey wolf. Under all the thick fur of this canine is a slender yet musculair form. In optime form she a long and slender girl with dark brown eyes and almost black, wavy hair.
Yennefer is on a first glance not the most friendliest of people. She looks quite pissed off, especial if she is unfamiliar with the one standing in front of her. But looks can be deceiving, this girl truly has a heart of gold, if you are a friend that is. If they ever need some help she would be the first to assist them. However, get on her bad side and you will find a very angry and pissed of girl.

In conversation Yennefer can be a sarcastic and snappy wolf. She thinks highly of her ideas, not willing to change them anytime soon. This stubbornness continues outside of conversation. Once she has gotten something on her mind she will do her best to finish it. And she will, of course, do it on her own way. You can always try to reason with her, but it’s most likely to work on a good day, when she is in a good mood. When this wolf is getting annoyed, irritated or else you would better stay away from his girl.

Although, even if you consider her stubborn and sarcastic character, she can be a good listener. Yennefer loves to learn, even if her attitude may tell a different story. If something even remotely looks or sounds interested she is in.
This wolf was brought up in a small, traveling community somewhere in the Benelux, which was made up of a mix of diverse canines. From dogs to wolves and everything in between. Yennefer was one of the second category, wolves. Her mother had joined this group, after traveling around for some time and settling in this pack. Her father, on the other hand, comes from a long running family within the community itself. And it so happened that his family was known for their falconry.

As soon as Yennefer could walk this young wolf started to follow her dad around, she was just fascinated by the feathered creatures. Her dad was quickly won over by this over enthusiastic pup. What followed was him learning the small girl everything he knew about these birds and as soon as she could shift he started to practise with her, in the art of working alongside one of the majestic beings.

This excitement, this happiness, however, didn’t last forever. At one point their tent caught fire. How? Nobody knew or so they claimed. Yennefer got stuck in the tent, she wanted to get the birds out, not realising her dad had gone away with them. The fire spread quickly, blocking her exit. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of her mother, who saw the young girl run in the tent, she would have burned alive. After that Yennefer refused to go near fires for months. Big or small, she would walk a large circle around them. After a while tough she calmed down. It had taken a full year of talking to her, helping her until she trusted the warmth of the red flames again. Yet Yennefer still feels quite uncomfortable near big open fires, especially if she thinks they are not safe.

After the fire incident live went on. Yennefer trained on with her dad and even got her own bird. She and her dad snatched a young peregrine falcon from its nest. Yennefer named her Iris. The bird was of course confused but the bird saw the benefits of livings with these canines rather quickly. Yennefer and the bird soon became friends. It also helped that the feathered creature picked up some words of high speech along the way.

Live was good after that even if Yennefer longed for more. She loved her pack, her family, her friends yet she wanted more. She wanted to see the world. Around that time something else also happened. A young girl named Kate appeared. Yennefer had seen her before, their pack would trade with hers from time to time. However, something was wrong. Later she found out that the girl had left her pack with her mother. Yennefer had seen a similar dog a few days earlier. It turned out that that dog, Kate’s mother, was found dead somewhere outside this communities borders. After that Kate stayed with them, living with her uncle.

Yennefer’s chance to go came with this new member. She and Kate had been acquaintances before, now they were becoming good friends. Kate needed someone and Yennefer was there for her. It turned out that this young dog was quite the fun girl. They joked together, went out on hunts, just anything to divert Kate from her mother’s dead. Soon the girl left that part of her behind, she actually wanted to leave everything behind. This place had left Kate with some nasty feelings, prompting the young wolfdog to leave. Yennefer saw how much Kate wanted this, so both of them packed their stuff and readied themselves to leave. One problem was left, they didn’t know where to start. Luckily, the old man, Kate’s uncle, helped them out. He guided them to a place they could take a boat, and it so happened he arranged them a seat on it! And so the two of them left for souls.
Kate Rosemary: Bestest friend ever
Iris: peregrine falcon
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