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Half Coyote, Half Wolf/Mastiff Ortus
Oberon is a garrus-eyed, broad shouldered Luperci. His rusty fur curves and cloaks around his decently muscled neck. His pelt is ticked with a dark auburn and black sparks, covering most of his back and neck- completely shading his tail. In Luperci form, Oberon stands at about 5’ 10’. His tail is long and sweeping compared to the rest of his body. His muzzle, ears and overall complexion are very ridged and pointy, complementing his similarly styled voice. Oberon tends to wear a dark blue hooded robe made of heavily worn cross-hatched fabric, held together with a tight brass buckle detailed with scenes of the sea. He, like his buckle, is decorated with scars along his more exposed parts- especially on his deep face. Oberon prefers his optime form over all, for it allows him to braid his long-furred chin like a beard of sorts. The Luperci likes to wear a thin, dark leather belt with a brass hoister. This holster is in his possession to hold his weapon of a choice- a saber. This sword is composed of a finished bronze blade, held in a cedar handle. Oberon’s left ear supports a small golden hoop earring, formerly- he claims -a possession of his mother. Oberon, simply described, portrays himself as a suave gentlemen; yet at heart, he is anything but that. Oberon has a very charismatic style of speaking, making it easy for him to appear like he is your ally when in turn he is just manipulating you. He believes in an honor system, but that system is self-serving holding himself above the majority. He doesn’t see anything inherently wrong with the way he grapples his way to a powerful position considering canines have yet to get hurt in the process. Oberon isn’t one for true relationships and anything but a charmer, but on the rare occasion an interest does pass him by he’s not above taking that opportunity. Oberon has very radical views upon half-breeds due to his mother; most are hypocritical opinions considering he’s not fullblood like his mother told him- but it would take him meeting his father to ever find this out. He’s not made of stone however, and a play of his strings will get him to open up. The coyote is loyal only to himself and what aids him- for example his pack. He’s not very social, and in social situations only acts as a guide and not necessarily a participator. He functions well in high-stress situations and under pressure. Oberon isn’t vulgar or obnoxious, but some may find the way he presents himself ‘snobby’ or ‘uptight’.
Oberon was birthed to a single mothered litter of four, near to the current territory of the Casa di Cavalieri. He was the last of his siblings to shift, and for most of his puppyhood completely unable to. He was teased by his sister and brothers for it, and constantly scorned by his less than pleasant mother. Despite this, Oberon always admired his mother. She was resentful to Oberon’s father, and thereby teaching her pups not to trust anyone. Oberon fully accepted his mother's teachings, carrying a lot of her spiteful and pessimistic values into his adult life. During the peak of his adolescence, a terrible storm struck around the area Oberon and his family were living at the time. The valley-forest flooded, and two of his three siblings were killed. He himself nearly surcame to the river, had it not been for him panickedly shifting into his Optime form and lifting himself to safety. Soon after, he was driven from the warmths of his mother's den and into the cruel world. To this day, Oberon has had a fascination with the waters that stole away most of his family, and has always secretly feared their tempting depths.
Seader (Mother/Unknown); Clu (Brother/Dead); Hark (Brother/Dead); Lue (Sister/Unknown)
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