Crash Takekuro

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75% Tundra Wolf, 25% Dog Ortus

Upon first impression, Crash is a feral, beastly creature who appears to be more in touch with his wolf nature than with any human trait… and a second impression would likely garner the same result. Despite Crash’s wild appearance and lack of traditional manners, he is anything but a ravaging beast.

Scorpio – Crash is a Scorpio and exhibits many traditional personality traits of his sign. A water sign that often is mistaken for fire, Crash is mutable and can easily adapt to his surroundings, while living life with a burning passion.

Good: Resourceful, brave (when appropriate), loyal, passionate, stubborn, friendly, pack and family minded

Not-So-Good: Can be secretive, violent if provoked, lazy, distractible, stubborn

The Supernatural: Crash believes he can see ghosts, but whether or not he actually has a special ability or simply has inherited some of his father's mental illness remains to be seen. Though he can be distracted by these figments, he doesn't often let on that he thinks a ghost is in the area when he's interacting with the living.
Mother: Orin Takekuro
Father: Mars Russo
Sister: Titania Moonsong, Juliet Moonsong, Svetlana Takekuro
Brother: Demetrius Menue, Vladmir Russo, Misha Takekuro, Burn Russo**
Nieces: Moon Moon Damaichu, Buttercup Damaichu, Kanamori Takekuro, and Talon Takekuro
Nephew: Dandelion Damaichu

**Denotes sibling from the same litter.