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Hi there~ I'm a returning member who sucks at introductions. Consider this profile is a summary; for details (both IC and OOC), check the Wiki!

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wolfdog (75% dog, 25% wolf) Ortus
^resized reference (linked to wiki gallery) will go here but for now have a fullsize avatar. Drawn by yours truly.

A dog hybrid with a broken tooth who looks larger than he normally acts. Though by default Gerulf speaks and carries himself with confidence, his near-constant bone chewing indicates a less composed individual. His scent currently varies based on location; he covers huge ground on the best days and doesn't stop to wash. The scar on his face was gained within the season and stings when touched.

He boasts a sturdy frame, built to deal blunt trauma in concentrated, well-aimed blows. Stealth and agility, however, are not his fortes. In his secui and especially optime forms, Gerulf can likely be heard lumbering along from a distance; he makes no effort to lighten his step. As of late, he's been keeping his food intake to a minimum and lacks the solid muscle he might otherwise have. He is by no means starving, however, and come warmer days he expects to settle down and regain his best physique.

Gerulf currently uses his optime form by default and carries a rotting satchel. His mane is an unstyled mess and he doesn't wear clothing.
When hunting or resting, he shifts to lupus or secui and keeps his satchel concealed nearby.
For a canine whose life has been shaped by troublesome affairs, Gerulf values a simple code: stay in line and everything will run as it should. He takes a subservient role by default, not speaking until prompted, but in the presence of equals or lower-ranked canines he lifts his chin and tries to exude strength. Though he won't attack without provocation, strangers would be wise to note how deep the toothmarks are in whichever bone he's chewing. He cannot always hold his tongue as well as he'd like.

Although a sociable dog, Gerulf isn't much for wasting time. He'll exchange small talk but not while standing around; ideally something is being accomplished during the conversation, something lasting and tangible. Even if it's just a walk through the woods, Gerulf is satisfied if they can part in a different place than they began. His current travels have been taking him northward and he is not keen on looking back.

In this regard however he has two weaknesses. Firstly, Gerulf believes pups are innocent and will do his best to ensure they are not led astray, no matter what it takes. He would advertise himself as an excellent caretaker, though rowdy youth and a short temper do not mix well. And second, having been raised on stories, Gerulf maintains his fascination with human remains. He has been known to detour towards places in desperate need of upkeep, and if convenient, will call exploration a purpose in and of itself.

Overall, Gerulf seeks to make a lasting impact on the world. Ideally, he will be remembered on a pedestal engraved with glowing praise. He fears, however, that his prime has passed. The older he grows, the more willing he may become to twist his morals for the sake of memorability.
Gerulf and one littermate, a sister who didn't survive the winter, were born to an exiled wolfdog who made sure he grew up knowing what his life should have been like. Although raised in the forests of eastern Europe, they occasionally visited the outskirts of a city-dwelling pack where Gerulf's father resided. If Gerulf was lucky, his father would tell him stories of the pack's history and culture, which gave the pup a deep fascination with what wonders lay beyond the pack's borders in the crumbling city.

Shortly after shifting for the first time, Gerulf came upon an object a person from bygone days might recognize as a time capsule. It contained (among other trinkets that were later lost) a journal and a doll, both of which he still holds dear today. Upon his discovery, Gerulf was more determined than ever to learn about the vanished species. When his mother was out, he ventured into a human house - only to fall when the floor gave out beneath him. His father came to his rescue, but before the boy could be on his way, one of the city dogs attacked. Gerulf fled unscathed, knowing his father would not be so lucky.

He didn't return to his home den, fearing the pack would track his scent to his mother. Instead, Gerulf wandered alone for a time. As summer gave way to fall, he found himself entangled in a guild of traveling thieves who offered him companionship in exchange for his manual labor. Gerulf was never sure whether they truly valued him or his physical power; he couldn't manage their stealth, but they lacked the strength needed to repair crumbling shelters. And he had to admit, it was fun being the only one able to swiftly incapacitate canines who chased the guild down barking for items that were no longer theirs.

That winter was harsher than ever, and the ruffians began to starve. When Gerulf met a merchant who offered him piles of prey in exchange for "something interesting," the dog hybrid gave up all but his book and the doll's head to feed his family. Unfortunately, the food was not as fresh as anticipated, and before long the guild's weakest members grew ill. One of the wolves who seemed to care about Gerulf most advised him to leave while he could; if the group survived, she feared they'd turn on him for treason.

He took her advice. Gerulf ventured further westward, and when he caught word of a thriving community overseas, he embarked on a voyage with a trading caravan to North America. Only then did illness catch up with him. He spent a majority of the trip below deck silently begging for death. Although Gerulf survived, his book was not so lucky. It was tossed overboard, mistaken for rotting scrap, and when he found out he dueled the offender on deck. Before either could sustain major injury, the crew broke up the fight. At the first opportunity, they threw the rowdy wolfdog onto land.

Gerulf has been traveling alone again since, trekking northbound towards Nova Scotia. Gerulf has caught word of several thriving packs in the area, and if fate is in his favor, he'll finally find a place to call home.
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