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In Character

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Wolfdog Ortus
Build and Size: Iorek is a mixture of large species of both wolf and dog. He bears the broad chest and strong body of a dog and a wolfish face. He does have slightly longer legs because of his mixed heritage. He is built like a tank and his fur only exaggerates his size. He has a stub tail.

Fur: His fur is thick and plush. It is also waterproof because of his Newfoundland heritage. It does cause him to overheat in the warmer months.

Facial Features: His snout is somewhat broader than a normal wolf's. He also has rounded ears that are often quite hard to notice in his Secui form.

Indian Khaki (#C6AC94)
Linen (#F9E9DA)
Pine Cone (#6E5A50)
Roman Coffee (#786450)
Cement (#826E5A)
Birch (#32281E)
Cocoa Brown (#281E1E)
Cod Grey (#0A0A0A)
Taupe (#463C32)
Maroon (#7C0000)

Secui: Secui form is the one he takes often. In this form, he stands at a massive 50 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 200 pounds. He has thick fur and a thick mane that makes him seem lionlike. He has large paws and is massive and strong. He almost seems like a bear. His thicker limbs also make him bear-like. He has a broad chest and body.

Optime: In this form he stands at around 7'2 and weighs about 300 pounds. His height was measured at his typical posture: hunched with a slight cower. So, he may be taller. Having adjusted to his new home, he takes this form only for protection. When he does take this form, he is large with a lot of muscle. He has a hunched feral posture and a rough mane. He has thick limbs and his fur is still long in this form.

Lupus In this form, he stands at 40 inches at the shoulder and weighs 150 pounds. He rarely takes this form. On the rare times he does, he is very wolf-like and large with thick fur.

Humanization: Very low. He doesn't take Optime form often and doesn't wear clothes often. He doesn't know much about weapons or anything. Since, he came to Casa di Cavalieri, he has adjusted to the environment and wears clothes rarely. He wears a variety of flower crowns.

Quirks:: Iorek skitters sometimes when moving. He also tilts his head when asking a question or presented with something he doesn't understand. When he walks, it is with a cower, acting as though someone is much larger than him when they actually aren't. He also often walks on two legs, his arms are often curled towards his chest. He sometimes walks on four legs.
Iorek is primarily a Gentle Giant. He is massive, but he doesn't seem to have a violent bone in his body. He always tries to be nice to people and polite, though he doesn't really have good social ettiqutte. He doesn't mind helping people and loves making gifts for people.

He is very shy and timid, a Shrinking Violet. He cowers as if everyone towers over him and has a stutter. He does seem to have anxiety and often seems to have a worried expression ingrained in his face. He has a severe stammer and is very submissive. He is a massive creature, yet jumps at every sound. He cowers often and hunches low.

Iorek is very curious about everything. He is always asking questions and wonders a lot. His feral and isolated upbringing makes him quite ignorant, though his curiosity makes up for it.

Iorek was raised in a very feral lifestyle without much contact with the humanized world. He is very feral and is quite socially inept because of this. He doesn't really know much about clothing, books, and tools and doesn't understand types of social etiquette. He does try to mimic people around his pack, though.

Iorek likes pretty things. He likes flowers, feathers, and pretty rocks. He enjoys decorating things and seems to have an eyes for nice objects.

There are times when Iorek is not as gentle as he seems. He does have a terrifying state that comes out in times of bloodshed. He becomes a monster in terms of uncontrolled rage. He often doesn't recognize friend or foe and becomes very violent. He is always remorseful when he kills or injures others and this state is one that he is very afraid of.

Beserk Button: Iorek has a few beserk buttons that would send him into a terrifying rage. Firstly, do not threaten any of his pack mates. Second of all, people, especially weaker people being threatened or bullied. Third, Non-Luperci prejudice and prejudice against feral lifestyles, though this probably wouldn't make him angry enough unless someone forcing the virus.

Other Tropes:

  • Adorkable:
    Iorek is cute, cuddly and derpy. The poster boy for this.
  • The Nice Guy:
    Iorek is a nice guy, plain and simple. He'd help anyone in need.
  • Beware the Nice Ones:
    Do not hurt any of his pack mates, I'm begging you
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass:
    Iorek is capable of throwing people into trees when threatened
  • All-Loving Hero:
    The guy chases butterflies and won't harm them. He'd also consider you a friend if you hung out with him for five minutes
  • The Klutz:
    Iorek is very clumsy. He runs into trees and is quite uncoordinated.
  • Cloudcukoolander:
    Iorek often has his head in the clouds.
  • Badass Adorable:
    Iorek may be all cute and cuddly, but remember, he's a massive creature with a bit of unstoppable rage.
  • Trauma Conga Line
    Blame the writer
  • Cuddle Bug:
    Iorek loves cuddles!

Lawful Good
Myers-Briggs Type:
The Mediator (INFP, -A/-T)
WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Iorek was born in Yellowstone National Park to Lyra and an unknown father (Ragnar)

Iorek's mother, Lyra was a wolf woman whom was attacked by a large dog and was raped by the male. Before, Lyra was non-Luperci and was changed by the Luperci male. Despite this, Lyra loved her child and tried to raise him well. She was a bit petite when birthing Iorek which caused her to be rendered sterile as a result. Iorek was raised in a feral lifestyle because of his mother's non-Luperci upbringing. Ever since he shifted, the child was more inclined to Secui above any other forms.

Iorek was raised into a mostly solitary lifestyle sine Lyra mistrusted others after the incident. She taught her son everything she could. But Lyra was growing frail as she aged, even as young as she was. She died not long after Iorek turned a year old. The yearling roamed for three months before finding Nova Scotia.

Iorek didn't know where he was going, he just walked and ran. He stayed away from others due to his solitary upbringing.

He did meet a pair of cats, Jackson and Addison. The cats decided to stay with him because he provided free food for them, was warm, could provide a ride, and was just interesting with his naivety.
Lyra (Mother): Lyra was a smaller-sized brown wolf that was non-Luperci. She was later infected yet pursued a feral lifestyle. She tried to raise Iorek the best she could but died when he was only a yearling.

Ragnar (Unknown Father): Ragnar is a massive dog hybrid that was a Luperci supremacist. He saw Lyra, a non-Luperci and decided to change her via forcing himself onto her. He left the woman to raise the chilld and cope with the virus.

Jackson (Friend): Jackson is a tabby that decided to follow Iorek around after he was abandoned by his owner.

Addison (Friend): Addison is a silver she-cat that decided to follow Iorek around after she was abandoned by her owner.
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