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Coyote Wolf Hybrid.
In her Lupus form Emmanuelle is of larger stature for her age, reaching about 25 inches at her shoulders. She has a feminine figure which is fleshed out by a good muscle tone earned from roaming the country, she weighs about 68 pounds. She is an athletic wolf, not usually walking but trotting or running to move herself from place to place, therefore her endurance and speed is quite up there. Although she is 40% coyote, she shows it more through her coat color then anything else. Her underside from the muzzle down is a nice creamy color, on her sides she is more tawny and down her back is a gray, almost black stripe that extends from her muzzle, over her head and down to the tip of her tail. Her face and ears have more rust-colored hues, especially around her eyes. Underneath her eyes are both a pocket of dark brown, contrasting the piercing colors of her irises. Her right eye is a light blue, while her other is a sparking emerald.</p>

<p>In her Luperci form she is about 5'12, and 165 pounds. She still has her feminine form, with a thin waste and toned legs and arm, she carries a fair weight on her chest but it is all in proportion to her body, which has most of her weight distributed evenly. Her fur in Luperci form is very soft and luxurious, she takes great care of herself and prides her appearance. You could say she is very girly that way, she keeps long blonde hair down to her waist, it naturally hangs in loose ringlets. She has medium length bangs framing her face, and long, thick eyelashes..</p>

<p> Secui form she is really bulky, growing a whopping ten inches from her previous lupus form, standing tall at 35 inches. Here she weighs 135 and is really heavy and uses her weight to her advantage in fighting, this is the form she visits least often.</p>
<p>From a young age Emmanuelle was exposed to a slowly going insane mother who had manical tendencies. She and her litter-mates were harshly abused once, as reprimand for their misbehavior. Her father was a sweet, nurturing soul but left the pack because of their mothers behavior, having enough. Do to these events, Emmanuelle does have some trust issues as well as abandonment issues. Other then that though, she is a happy and kind soul. Once you have earned her trust, it is hard to lose it, as she sees the good in everyone and wants everyone around her to be loved and happy. She holds friends and those she has deemed family close to her heart, and is a little spitfire when those two things are threatened in any kind of way. She hasn't really been in any fights her life, but will not hesitant to snap at someone if they are hurting her, her family or her friends. She can cop an attitude sometimes but mostly keeps it under wraps.</p>

<p>She is slightly hardened from the journey to 'Souls, but generally keeps what she has seen and what she has had to do to get here to herself, preferring not to talk about her history. Sometimes she feels regret about leaving her brother and sister in the clutches of her mother, which can put her in moods of depression. It doesn't last long though, her happiness usually shines through in the darkest of moments
<p>: Emmanuelle was born into a small pack in Vancouver, BC. Her pack was based largely off the Lupas pack structure, Alpha Male, Alpha Female and so on and so forth. Her parents were the leaders of the pack, and they did what they had to do to get by. Puppies who were not approved by them were culled, other wolves dealt with accordingly, they were a strict pack. It was just before summer that she was born, so her birth went problem-free. Being a firstborn, her brother and sister soon followed suit and they were all a little happy family, for a short time at least. Her mother was beautiful, but stern and brutal in her ways sometimes. When the children were reprimanded for the first time, they knew never to step out of line again, the result would just be too harsh.</p>

<p>As they grew older, the trio came too see at what extent their mother would go to, in order to keep things flowing in the pack. She would lash out manically and harshly, putting down anybody in her way, and sometimes the children were frightened by this. Eventually her father had enough, and in the still of the night crept away from his family, his heart heavy from leaving his children but hoping they to would up and leave when they were of age. When Emmanuelle and her litter-mates woke up the next morning, they were devastated by their find, they went to their mother for comfort but found she was unraveling bit by bit. Disgusted but not surprised, Emmanuelle crept away and started seriously thinking about leaving. For months she waited around for the opportunity to leave, and one stormy night she was granted just that..</p>

<p>Lightning shows came up here and there, so the pack just hunched down for the night and waited it out. It had been a dry summer out in the country but they didn't really expect anything to happen. Emmanuelle sensed something was off that night, and she paid careful attention to her surroundings. Sure enough, late into the evening an especially loud crack of thunder snapped down to earth and hit a large tree straight down the middle. The ground shook from the impact, and when the pack opened their eyes the tree was on fire as well as the grasses around it. Emmanuelle took this opportunity and snuck away from her pack, running full tilt into the night. She didn't know where she was going, but she heard whispers of more Luperci civilization in the east, so that is the direction she headed..</p>