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Caspian Sea Wolf Ortus
Isolda is a perfectly average Russian Luperici, if on the slightly smaller end of average. She stands at just barely five feet, seven inches tall in her Optime form, and weighs around 160 pounds. Typical of a Steppe wolf, her agouti coloration displays black and dark brown fur on her back, shoulders, and the top of her skull and snout. Her flanks and belly are a mix of rusty fawn and cream fur, with the lighter cream color concentrated around her throat and lower legs. Her eyes are a light amber-yellow that can appear quite golden in low light.
Her left ear is pierced twice at the base of the ear, and her right ear is pierced once in the same area. Her left ear is decorated with two crude bone hoops, vaguely horseshoe-shaped and about 8-gauge if sized using a wire gauge. Her right ear bears a scavenged metal hoop of about 10-gauge thickness. While she preferred her Lupus form while living in Russia, she has grown more accustomed to using her Optime form while travelling around and with so many other Luperci. She wears a plain but sturdy loincloth in her Optime form that also serves as a place to hang her simple stone knife. When travelling in her Lupus or Secui form, she ties the loincloth into a tidy bag that can be hung around her neck. If a special occasion calls for it, Isolda can put several small braids into her hair while in Optime form, sometimes adding feathers or beads when available. But usually she only finger combs her longer mane and carries on.
Isolda is a generally reserved character. She does not enjoy being the center of attention, and is uncertain when thrust into new social situations. Her social ineptitude often makes her appear to be quite chilly and withdrawn, even selfish, though this is only hiding her fear of taking a wrong step and humiliating herself or causing confrontation with groups she does not know. With both new people and new tasks, she prefers to work toward a complete understanding of that person, or total mastery of a skill, starting with careful observation and assessment. She does not react well when she is nagged or put under pressure she deems unnecessary, or when her judgement is questioned. These situations often spark an intense temper and she tends to hold onto grudges long past when they should be forgotten or settled.
Her reluctant nature is often misinterpreted as being self-absorbed, but friends will know that under her grudging and rough exterior, she is quite capable of fierce protectiveness and a willingness to put her well-being and even her life down before theirs. She can never be considered “outgoing”, but when she has developed a rapport with someone, she has been known to display bone-dry humor and crack the occasional scathing joke.
Isolda and her two brothers were born into a small pack that called a relatively large, if barren, area of western Russia home. She travelled a few times with her pack to Moscow to trade their pelts and bone decorations for better tools scavenged from the city. While she was never overtly shunned by her pack and family, she had an uncomfortably stiff and somewhat tense relationship with them due to her reserved personality. They thought she was too odd and cold, and were often embarrassed to present their shy and slightly surly daughter every time they interacted with another group of Luperci.
Their obvious disappointment in Isolda only increased her own discomfort and the sense she no longer belonged with the pack of her birth. Over the winter she planned her departure without a word to her pack, and during a visit to Moscow the following spring she slipped away. From Moscow, Isolda followed trade routes to Dublin, then on to Lisbon. In Lisbon, she decided there could be no fresher start for her than in a land across the sea she’d heard of, called ‘Souls. The sea trip from Lisbon to Barbados, then to Freetown left her thoroughly sick of boats and more than terrified of the sea. She swore she would never step foot on a boat again as she left the rough place that was Freetown and headed north toward her new start.
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