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Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:24 am --
Meredith-her daughter, Sage-her son, Shadow aka, Fang close to hers-Her mate/ the male alpha. 0
Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:32 am
she lost her parents at a young age.

In Character

Female 01 Nov 2004
Is half wolf-dog-coyote Not Applicable
She has black sparkly twilight fur and blue crystal eyes with a silver star on one paw, is also looks like a wolf-dog-coyote hybrid but her wolf, shows more then the rest of her mix, her mom had a brown like golden fur, with blue shadow eyes with white silky paws, her dad had Silver mixed with white and black fur that had a paw print on his right shoulder, the eyes that her farther had was Black like the midnight sky, he had blue like ice paws with a star on the bottom of his right paw like, she has, either way she was very close, there fur was beautiful like hers, but still they where family,And she has a curly tail like a husky, and pointy ears like a wolf-dog, and coyote, she has great eye sight, she can even see up to 100 feet, she has night vision like a wolf, a dog, and a coyote, her mom was a 90% wolf mixed with 25% husky dog, and her farther was 90% husky dog and 25% Coyote. She is strong,kind,sweet,honest,trust worthy, when it comes to her pups she is really and i mean really over protective, she is super brave and she is fierce enough to take on anything, and i do mean anything when it comes to her family she will protect and never leave behind any of her pack mates, even if it means almost losing or losing her life, she will sacrifice anything but her pups and her pack mates, either way, she is a strong alpha wolf, she is also like a karate, mom mixed with a warrior.
When she was a pup, her parents abounded her or something happened, to them all she know's is, As she was lost she knew she was looking for her parents, She found a note saying "Dear daughter, I know this is so soon and I/we know we promised that we would be their for you until you where old enough, But now I leave you this message daughter, for a death was upon us, and now we leave our Land and you are to claim, The logo known as alpha Wolf, and to find a mate, and try to stay alive, I know we where your only family, but see you in the Sky We are watching over you, love Mom and Dad." At a very young age, only old enough to walk and see, She lost her parents that very day, in-depth of there honor she claimed the alpha, and Now she is known as White Fang, She super over protective, she is kind and sweet the only way to win her heart is to earn her love, which is sometimes hard,either way she loves each wolf, like her real family, but was not her real family, even though they have ups and downs.
She was very close to her family until they died, she had no friends at all.