Jaketta Nocturne

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In Character

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*Please note that her red tones are very much exaggerated in most of her art.*

Jaketta is still young and learning about herself. These are some traits that have already surfaced, but as she gets older her personality will become more defined.

-Caring towards those she considers her inner circle of family/friends.
-Believes she's the incarnation of a goddess.
Jaketta was born in Anathema to Maelyx Nocturne and Lux Einar, and has one living full-blooded brother Elias, and one deceased brother Zea. For a brief time, Avinalora Phoenix was her step-mother, until Maelyx severed their ties.

In her early life, Jaketta lived in Anathema with her two mothers and her father until the pack fell after warring with Kentaro's army in early 2018. She then went with her mother and family to form the Circle of Ravenshadow, a coven of loners banded together - all refugees from Anathema. When her mother felt she was called away from the coven by the gods, Jaketta went with her mother and joined Salsola.
Mother: Maelyx Nocturne (birth)
Former Step-Mother: Avinalora Phoenix
Father: Lux Einar
Siblings: Elias Einar-Nocturne, Zea Einar-Nocturne