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Wolf-dominant Hybric (53% Wolf, 28% Dog, 13% Coyote, 6% Jackal) Ortus
Mercy Nighthsade is a mutt of the feral variety, a wolf-dominant hybrid of wolf, dog, coyote and jackal; a smattering of many different subspecies due to her parents' mixed heritage. In shape her body resembles one of the smaller, lankier wild counterparts like coyote or jackal, rather than her wolf half. Though her face is quite wolfish and she has smart almond shaped eyes, dog has taken over in her long, floppy ears. Her tail is quite bushy and swishy from some long-lost, pretty dog breed lurking in her genes. Her eyes are almond shaped and primarily violet, though she has a heterochromic right eye which 1/3 of it sports a crimson color.


Height: 5'7
Weight: 150 lbs
Build: Athletic, straight figure. Small breasts, almost no hips.
Stance/Composure: Her natural stance is with a straight spine, though often to show her contempt for the world she leans against walls or crosses her arms and slumps.
Clothing: She usually wears a red and black striped shirt with black denim vest, black skirt and torn red stockings. She never leaves home without her spiked dog collar, and gives herself a new piercing somewhere on her body when she's mad at the important adults in her life.
Hair: Mercy has a dark brown mane and cuts her own hair. She likes to keep it short, choppy, and scraggly with two long chunks framing her face.


Height: 27 inches
Weight: 67 lbs
Build: While she is wolf-dominant, her body resembles her coyote blood more, with a smaller chest and slender stomach, with long legs.
Stance/Composure: She feels quite free in this form, and will frequently drop her guard in this shape, shedding her teenage angst to be a free, wild coywolf.
Clothing: Though not clothed in this form, she keeps her piercings in and her collar on.

Height: 38 in
Weight: 129 lbs
Notes: Aside from being bulkier, Mercy is quite similar in this form to her Lupus form.
Thanks to childhood trauma, Mercy is the epitome of angsty teen. At 8 months, she is the intellectual equivalent to a human 13 year old, and she is not handling growing-up very well. She has always had a rocky life even when times were good, and the effect of that shows in her personality now.

Rebellious, jaded, and contemptuous, Mercy is often scoffing at normal everyday activities of the adults in her pack. She has deep seeded trust issues stemming back from when her pack executed her father for crimes that she does not believe he committed. Because of the death of her father, and because her foster-mother, Maelyx Nocturne, gave her over to him in the first place, she feels that she can't trust anybody as every adult she has ever relied on has abandoned her.

Mercy is very close to her brother, Rumpa Nightshade, as he is the only person who has stayed by her side through all of this. He is the only one who can understand how she feels.

Deep inside, Mercy yearns to be the happy, sweet, innocent girl that she once was, but now thanks to the strong emotional walls she has constructed around her psyche, she may never be the same again.

Mercy and Rumpa Nightshade were born to Elva Kai, a product of rape committed by their father, Raine Nightshade. Mercy never met her mother. The only reason the ex-slave didn't abort the siblings before they were born was because she was frightened of the pain. Elva deemed them to be demons, and had it not been for the efforts of Maelyx Nocturne and Avinalora Phoenix, Elva would have killed them at birth. Instead, the two medics spirited the children away and adopted them. While they knew the name of the pups' father, they did not know the dark circumstance of their conception.

A few months later, Maelyx went to Casa di Cavalieri on a diplomatic mission from Anathema, and met the man named Raine Nightshade. There was no doubt in her mind that he was the children's father, and she told him of the existence of his children, believing them to be the result of a one-night-stand, and turned them over to their father in CdC.

Life was good in Casa di Cavalieri. Mercy absolutely adored her father – who was a completely different person to his children than he was behind closed doors. Raine was kind and good to his kids, never once giving them cause to think he was anything other than a doting, loving father. She was surrounded by valiant, chivalrous knights and men and women she could look up to... until the day Raine's crimes were uncovered.

Raine was brought to trial on charges of rape, assault, kidnapping, and torture. The pups' aunt, Brita Nightshade, who was Raine's sister and slave, stood before the court on charges of aiding and concealing Raine's crimes. Raine was sentenced to death, and Brita was ordered to have the same fate after an outburst in the courtroom deemed her beyond rehabilitation. In the course of a night, everything Mercy knew and loved had been destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Luca Knight, the leader of the Knights, made Rum and Mercy the ward of Veri Secanti, a kind and patient healer. Probably the only one who had the patience to deal with the rebellious, aching children of the monster, Veri has given them a home and acted as their foster-mother since their father's execution in early December. The number of trials and tribulations the Nightshade pups have put Veri through is still counting, and it seems with every passing day Mercy is determined to prove that Veri, too, will give up and leave the Nightshade children behind.
Father: Raine Nightshade
Mother: Elva Kai
Brother: Rumpa Nightshade
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