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Male 13 Jan 2001
German Shepherd (Canis lupus familiaris) Ortus
Elias was born albino, but hides this fact by dying his fur black on a daily basis. He lacks both of his ears and the tip of his tail, and has scars lining his lips from where his mother stitched his mouth shut as a child, scars on his wrist and ankles from when he was crucified, and several scars lining his arms, legs, and back from a variety of injuries. His eyes are the color of blood, and extremely sensitive to light.

For clothing, Elias wears a black top hat and a black vest, in addition to several pieces of jewelry. These include a gris-gris necklace, several Marti Gras necklaces, and a locket made out of bone that contains a portrait (painted by one of his many children) of him and his third wife Roxanne. In addition to these items, Elias carries around a doctor’s bag filled with herbs (both for healing and for poisoning) and his medical instruments (a scalpel, some bandages, and several other items). He also happens to own a collection of hunting and throwing knives that he keeps close to himself at all times in addition to a few ceremonial daggers and a machete. Finally, Elias owns a giant book made from wolf leather that contains the entirety of the Hollow Family’s lineage and history in addition to several secrets and the acquired knowledge of the family over time, which is passed down from patron/matron to their successor. It is known as the Book of Nights.

Elias also owns a pet raccoon that is almost as old as he is, and just as bitter. Her name is Hemlock and she hates almost everybody excet forElias, hissing, sptting, and in some cases full out atacking other individuals if she believes she or Elias is being threatened. She can often be found crouching on his shoulder when she isnt off terrorizing the surrounding countryside. It should be assumed he is always in Optime form unless otherwise stated.
Elias is an existentialist sociopath who cares absolutely nothing for the wellbeing and feeling of others, which really isn’t surprising considering the lifestyle he’s lived up to this point. He simply has bled too much (emotionally and physically) to give a damn anymore about what anyone else thinks. He is also hesitant (and with good reason) to let anyone close to him socially for fear that they will either be killed or turn against him at a later point in time. For these reasons he can come off as being very antisocial and dismissive (at least at first) to hose trying to get to know him better.

Elias is also very intelligent, and very clever, although he is more of an observer than he is a participant. He possesses his own code of honor (although many individuals refuse to believe this) refusing to lie (although this does not mean he won’t withhold information) and refusing to bring harm upon those he believes to be innocent and always pays off his debts (and expects others to do the same). He has also become jaded to the arts of killing and torture, and can kill even a close associate in the span of seconds without blinking an eye. He is also a ruthless unmerciful enemy and never forgets others transgressions in regards to his life.

Elias is an extremely skilled healer, having experimented on both willing and unwilling patients to progress his understanding of anatomy and the workings of the body. He has largely discarded any human textbooks that touch on the subject of medicine as completely useless, due to their sophisticated and nearly indecipherable medical terms, the strangeness of the material involved, and the fact that most of the information is only applicable to humans. Instead he has decided it is up to the luperci themselves to create their own medicines; an ideal that has led to several corpses being confiscated and used for questionable purposes. He is much like the Nazi scientists of Germany, seeking to progress medical history by any means possible, even if that means killing a few people in the process.

On the other hand Elias is also a practitioner of the Voodoo religion, holding the position of a powerful bokor (a Voodoo priest who uses black magic), and also fancying himself a necromancer (one who communicates with the dead). In order to ensure that he will not be set upon by the ghosts of those he kills, has taken to removing a single fang from the corpses of those he has slain, granting him control over their spirits in the eventuality that they choose to haunt him. Ironically, despite these precautions, he is still haunted by the spirit of his lovely lady wife who he murdered after discovering she had not only poisoned him, but was sleeping with another man. She is an extremely powerful spirit, and can possess Elias (although she rarely does so), although she can only speak in her native tongue of Haitian Creole. Others will note her presence as an aura of malicious intent (and may have a sick feeling if they remain to long) that seems to surround Elias at night. She is not present during the day, although she has taken to poisoning Elias’s dreams with nightmares (Elias is her source of power).

Elias often communicates with her (although these conversations are entirely in Haitian Creole) even breaking off conversations with others to throw a comment her way. This compounded with the fact that Elias suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and suffers from severe hallucinations, leads many people to believe she is just an extension of his insanity. His two most frequent hallucinations are Kalfu (the Voodoo version of the devil) and Baron Samedi (the Voodoo spirit of death) who he believes are each looking to claim his soul following his death. Kalfu is a blood red wolf who encourages Elias to perform violent actions, and who speaks doubts that will poison Elias against others. Baron Samedi is an entirely black wolf who speaks with the voices of those loved ones Elias knows to be dead, and is much more observant and neutral than Elias’s other hallucination.
*Warning*= Extreme situations including rape, drug abuse, torture, murder, cannablizing, incest, and various other horrible things can be found below. Viewer discretion is advised.

-The Hollow family was formed by the mysterious German Shepard Papa Balthazar, beginning with the creation of the Temple of Bones. The Temple was a labyrinth of hallways and tunnels constructed by Balthazar out of the bones of both humans and animals in an attempt to rejuvenate the Voodoo religion within Haiti. It attracted all sorts of unsavory individuals, many of whom were clinically insane, who were quickly “adopted” by Balthazar into his family on the condition that they first prove themselves worthy, and swear to abide by the tenants of the Voodoo faith. It soon became a haven for monsters, madmen, rapists, and all sorts of other fiendish individuals. However, due to the Hollow’s secretive nature, and their tendency to cannibalize and enslave any individuals stupid enough to be caught trespassing on their borders, little is known about the family’s early years.

-Papa Balthazar eventually took a mate, Lilith, and proceeded to have seven children. Four years later, Papa Balthazar was killed by his eldest daughter, Eris, in a violent and extremely bloody coup. Lilith was exiled and driven out of Haiti, and all of Eris’s siblings were executed by her own hand. She then proclaimed herself a god, and stated that the Hollows were superior to all others in the world, launching an extremely bloody war to subjugate any who refused to bend the knee to her pack. This conflict, known as the War of Tears, resulted in the formation of the Kingdom of Midnight, and lasted ten years before it finally ended upon Eris’s death.

-One of Eris’s two surviving daughters (all her other children had been killed), Elsie, murdered Eris in her sleep, and disbanded the remaining Hollow family members and gave the Kingdom’s lands to the surrounding packs. Her sister, Mary, drove her out of Haiti, proclaiming her a traitor and threatening to kill her if she ever returned. Elsie then immigrated to Louisiana through New Orleans, and settled down in a small cottage in the bayous. Shortly after, Mary married a brutish individual by the name of Cain Blackwood, and proceeded to have several children.

-Elsie survived in her cottage by scavenging the surrounding lands for food, and acting as a mystic to the surrounding packs and any loners who happened to pass through. One such loner, Elijah Moreau, quickly caught Elsie’s attention, and within a year they were happily mated, with children soon to come. Their first (and only) litter produced six children: Mary, Saul, Rupert, Josephine, Balthazar, and Alyssa.

-Three months after his children’s birth, Elijah was brutally murdered by Judas Blackwood (Cain’s brother) after failing to pay off some old gambling debts. Judas, still not satisfied, dumped Elijah’s mutilated body on Elsie’s front porch and proceeded to rape her in front of her own children not just once, but numerous times.

-Following this extremely traumatic event, Elsie attempted to purge her body with a variety of poisons to ensure that she would have no children by the demon who raped her. Despite these precautions, Elsie still managed to give birth to one small and extremely sickly looking albino pup that she attempted to kill the instant she had recovered enough to regain her senses. She was stopped by her other children, and at their insistence she grudgingly allowed the pup to live, but refused to name it or have anything to do with the process of raising him, leaving his siblings to decide on a name for him. They chose Elias in honor of their deceased father Elijah, much to their mother’s contempt, and helped to shelter him from their mother’s ire.

-Elsie, still torn up about her husband’s death and her subsequent rape, becomes an alcoholic and begins to entertain other males in the area. These males are usually extremely unsavory and even physically and emotionally abuse Elsie’s children on numerous occasions (not that she cares. One even rapes her son, Balthazar; causing him to become mentally unstable as his mind attempts to process the traumatic event (his siblings were unaware of this).

-When Elias is six months old his mother drugs him and stitches his mouth shut while he is asleep because “he was being too loud”. Following this event Elias withdraws into his mind and becomes more withdrawn than ever, d rarely ever talks.

-When Elias is one year old, Josephine runs away after attacking one of her mother’s “companions” following his attempts to rape her.

*To Be Continued*
Eleanor (Mother) - Deceased
Bartholomew (Father) - Deceased
6 Siblings (4 Deceased)
5 Legitimate Wives (All Deceased) and a Harem of Unofficial Ones
36 Children (Not including 8 dead ones)

God knows how many grandchildren/great-grandchildren/nieces/nephews/etc.

Elias has around 100 relations in total so listing them all would be ridiculous

NPC- The Ghost of his latest wife Marian ("The Witch Queen")