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In Character

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72.95% Wolf, 19.25% Dog, 6.25% Coyote, 1.55% Red Wolf (These percents are ridiculous but... Kitty.) Ortus
In general, Moon Moon is fairly plain looking. Without any accessorizing, she is simply a small, white hybrid canine. Though she does sport some coyote and dog blood, too, her main appearance is that of a wolf and at face value, others would only see her wolf traits as that is her most prevalent blood.

Her pelt is pure Pure White. She has bright, Aqua colored eyes and Salmon colored paw pads. Her nose is Salmon like her paw pads, but has Light Brown freckles.


In her Optime form, she stands 5’5 to the top of her head – slightly taller if she is measured to her ears. She sports messy, white hair that reaches her waist, but is normally tied up in one or two pony tails. She is almost always seen with her signature Grass Green hair dye at the ends of her hair. She also normally has a tattoo sleeve painted on her right arm, but as she uses paint or dye her tattoos change from time to time.

Moon keeps a variety of outfits and changes regularly, never skimping on the accessories or nail polish.


In Secui, Moon appears thick and husky until she is seen up close, when it is apparent that she is small even in the Halfling form. Her huskiness is simply due to the way she is proportioned when partially shifted, and to her extra-floofy fur in this form.


It would be easy to mistake her Lupus body for a smaller creature, like a coyote or jackal, and not the wolf-dominant blood that she is. She is quite small and slight in this form, but what she lacks in bulk, she makes up for in dexterity and speed. Taking after her grandmother, Orin Takekuro, Moon is the fastest of her siblings and has even beaten her grandmother in speed and endurance.


✧Moon always sports the traditional Damaichu family eye marking. For longevity, she always applies her marking with dye in color Séance. It resembles a crescent moon and two triangles.

✧She normally wears a tattoo sleeve on her right arm (as she is left handed), but it changes often as dye and paint fade and come off over time. Sometimes she wears tattoos in other locations if she’s bored enough to paint more on herself.

✧She almost always has half of her hair dyed Grass Green. She derives this green from grass and leaves, but sometimes has to make it stretch and the dye becomes lighter because she cannot find as much pigment in winter months.

Other Notes

She dislikes transforming and using Lupus or Secui, as her fur changes drastically in length and texture, so it causes her hair dye and tattoos to need to be redone every time as that fur usually changes or falls out during the shift. As such, she is usually found in Optime.

*Moon doesn't own all of these outfits in RP. At one point she has been mentioned in a few of them, but it was too many for her to keep track of so it ended up being a revolving door of outfits she got bored of and threw out (basically, purged her wardrobe for realism). Now, the pics are just for fun.*
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Father: Keylo Damaichu
Mother: Svetlana Takekuro
Grampas: Zalen Damaichu, Mars Russo
Grammas: Adonia Demos, Orin Takekuro
Uncle: Bartholomew Russo
Siblings: Buttercup Damaichu, Talon Takekuro, Kanamori Takekuro, Dandelion Damaichu

...and a buttload of Damaichu, Takekuro, Moonsong, Russo, and other cousins....
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