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Female 14 Aug 2015
72.95% Wolf, 19.25% Dog, 6.25% Coyote, 1.55% Red Wolf (These percents are ridiculous but... Kitty.) Ortus
Insane af.
Father: Keylo Damaichu
Mother: Svetlana Takekuro
Grampas: Zalen Damaichu, Mars Russo
Grammas: Adonia Demos, Orin Takekuro
Uncle: Bartholomew Russo
Siblings: Buttercup Damaichu, Talon Takekuro, Kanamori Takekuro, Dandelion Damaichu

...and a buttload of Damaichu, Takekuro, Moonsong, Russo, and other cousins....
Watch out for Kiss Me.

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