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Gabriel stands, in his Optime form at just under seven feet, his fur is a soft white of medium long length and is heavy and dense in the winter. Along his spine and going up his ears is a reddish cream color, that could be described as ‘caramel’. His eyes are a kind shade of brown, that can sometimes appear a lighter tone in the bright light.

His body looks larger than it is, due to the heavy fur, however he is also quite muscular beneath that fur, although young, he has worked hard since his first shift to live up to his Father’s expectations, this has resulted in a solid build, and high stamina, and a good instinct for fighting.

His ‘fingers’ are heavily calloused from his bow, and the fur along his right bicep is lined with scar marking, a sign of his exile from the Merchant Caravan he was born into. The four parallel lines made by the claws of the Caravan leader are ended by concentric spirals, a sign that he was willingly exiled, and not simply banished.

He is most often in his Optime form, feeling more comfortable in this shape. He wears simple leather and hide garments, that serve more to protect him from wet weather, than to protect him from cold. His bow is made from maple, the wings tipped in Mountain Sheep horn to keep them from splitting. His arrows range from well fletched lengths of pine with bird feathers, to crude and barely functional reeds with salvaged material for fletching.

The hatchet he carries on his hip is a simple piece of flint set into a short, notched, length of oak, bound with leather strips for gripping. It is well worn, and obviously sees much use. The hatchet also appears to be in need of replacing, however Gabriel is unsure of how to make one himself, having taken the one he has currently off a dead Luperci he found while sheltering from a storm in a cave.
Gabriel is an odd collection of traits. He is mostly calm, and quiet, keeping to himself, but if he sees something objectionable, he will speak out, becoming argumentative and hostile if the issue is distressing enough. Although he is generally respectful to others, he will quickly become irate with those who show a lack of respect in return. So if you don't like the idea of him being rude to you, be polite to him, because he is rarely rude from the start.

Gabe has a number of dislikes, and one of them is slavery, and another is forced or arranged pairings. Although his world experience is small, he has a very romantic idea of what the world should be like, romance meaning action, adventure, and not soppy love stories. In short Gabriel is a teenager with heroic ideations, and a sadly naive view on how the world works.

This does not mean he is foolish, nor is he gullible. He is quick to spot danger, or trickery, and his bow is nearly as fast as his mind in battle. Where Gabe can be clumsy and awkward in social situations, in the heat of battle his mind becomes clear and calm. Although far from being a master with his bow, his skill is no small thing, and he is nearly as deadly with his hatchet as he is with the arrows he sends flying.

Unlike others who fall into a bloodlust in battle, Gabriel becomes more confident and level headed, an odd trait in one so young, as he has been told many times, however the young canine knows better than to over analyze his gift, because it is what it is, and thinking about it serves no purpose.

A quick way to get into a fight with Gabe is to harm those weaker than you, as he fancies himself a hero, a knight almost, like the one the old scholar who traveled with the Caravan spoke of, from a tale written in one of the rare books. Gabriel cannot stand to see those with power abusing it, and he tends to get hot headed about it, often trying to pick fights with them.
Gabriels mother was a German Shepherd Descended mutt, and his biological father was a large tawny wolf mix. His name-father, the red wolf who raised him, only kept the illegitimate single pup so that he could sell him to a slaver when he had matured enough to be useful.

When Gabriel was in his 7th month, his name-father became enraged over a minor thing, and intoxicated on an unknown substance began to beat his mate mercilessly. Gabriel flew into a wild rage himself, taking his optime form for the first time, and picking up his name-father’s club, a length of oak with a large knot on end, beat the older male to death.

Per the customs of his clan, by taking his optime form, he had become an adult, however, by killing his father, he had violated his name-oath, the family binding for those not of blood, and one taken very seriously by the clan.

He was cast out, given only the bow that had been his maternal grand-sire’s, and told to never show his face to the clan again, under penalty of death. The young Luperci made his way north and east, crossing mountains, and fording rivers. He learned to use the bow, and gained immense skill, relying on it for food, and safety from larger animals.

It was on one mountain where he found the cave, within were the remains of a medium sized luperci, clad in woven cloth, with flint hatchet, a broken longbow made of Yew, and a dozen fine arrows, tipped with shark teeth. The young Luperci took the arrows, the hatchet, and the string from the bow, which while worn was still a valuable resource.

The body also carried a letter, however, being unable to read, the young Gabriel is unsure of its contents, but feeling it may be important, he has kept it.

(Note: Letter can say anything, not important for Gabe’s plot, unless someone wants it to be for their own plot)
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