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Dandelion is Big, dark and quite handsome... well if one so wishes to think him handsome! He is 7'6" tall and usually wears his long hair up in a *gasp* man bun! Keeps his hair out of his eyes! He's doing the best he can! He has no use for clothes though he can sometimes be seen wearing a weaved hat he made himself from reeds from a river or pond. Dandelion is the kindest of kind hearts. He will pull up tree roots to make you ... yes you!... Happy! He is a little slow, but he knows how to work and work hard. He thinks the best of everyone even if they are trying to stab him. He is very protective though and if he sees someone he cares about get hurt he will respond accordingly. That's right, him getting stabbed= you love him! Someone he loves getting stabbed= you better run!
Dandelion was conceived when his father and mother, in a alcohol and drug induced stupor, procreated in late May of 2015. Thinking it nothing more than the physical coming together of male and female, Svetlana left 'Soulsland and thought little of it. When she learned she was pregnant, she decided to raise the pups on her own, as she did not know the father. But after some thought, and near the end of her gestation, she returned to 'Souls and demanded Keylo return with her to raise their children together. He agreed.
Dendelion was raised alongside her siblings and all was well; the family was a strange one, but was full of light and laughter. His father was naive and considered his pups like play things more than children, and his mother was sober and strict; it was a good balance.
Dandelion was first born and the largest, nearly splitting his mother in two, but making way for all his siblings. He was a giant from birth, and was the favorite play-mate of all his siblings. Everyone loved him because of his gentle nature, and he always did what others asked of him, not realizing that it sometimes made him seem like a pushover. He is the work horse of the family, doing all the heavy lifting; he was also a mama's boy, staying by Svetlana's side as much as possible.
His father decided to return to 'Souls, having little love for Svetlana, and his siblings went to follow. He eventually got the idea and followed after them
Mother: Svetlana Takekuro
Father: Keylo Damaichu
Siblings:Moon Moon Damaichu, Buttercup Damaichu, Talon Takekuro, Kanamori Takekuro
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