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Wolf Ortus
Aniki is a big wolf, she is taller and more muscular than most wolves, with thick, coarse fur. Her eyes are the color of the sky right before the sun rises, a light grey/blue. Right above her eye is a long scar from dagger fighting. Her fur is white, light on the belly gradually growing darker until it reaches a grey so dark, it's almost black along the top of her body. Her black claws contrast her white paws and grey legs sharply. Her nose is black and it blends in with her dark muzzle and the blaze along her forehead to her neck. The tips of her ears and the end of her tail is the same snowy white as her paws.
Her Optime form is well developed and advanced enough for her to wield weapons and ride her old horse. She stands at 7 feet (213 cm) tall in Optime form, 4 feet (121 cm) tall in Secui, and 3.1 feet (96 cm) tall in Lupus form. She has opposable thumbs and her fur is short, but thick in Optime form. She has a short mane, so she doesn’t style it, just shoves it out of her eyes. She wears one ring; a thick, heavy silver ring that has been passed down through her mother’s side of the family. It has a square sapphire set in it. Her hands are riddled with scars from dagger fights.
Aniki is, mostly, cool and composed. Unless somebody gets her into a temper. Her tempers aren’t flame, they are ice. When normally wolves smash things and get into a fury, she is numb, and (on the outside) calm. On the inside, she is furious and she normally forgets about rules.
She does have a great love for pups, and will stop at nothing to keep those she loves safe. She loves horses and combat, mostly just being in action. She is incredibly battle-smart, logical, and great at strategizing. She is very sociable, knowledgeable, and is fiercely loyal.
She likes pups, hand to hand combat, horses, birds, dagger fighting, ocean. She dislikes cruelty to wolves or animals, slavery, weak-mindedness, filth, wolves in power who haven’t earned it, and wolves in power who don’t care for their subjects.
She is rated 5 on the Kinsey Scale so she is mostly homosexual, but sometimes a male wolf might catch her eye. She has had a few girlfriends and no boyfriends. She dismisses the idea of a god. She doesn’t really care if a god exists or not, knowing that if a god does exist, s/he is a cruel god and she doesn’t want to serve him.
She was born into a small pack of just family members. She had her father, mother, sisters and brothers, plus her uncle (her mother’s brother). Her father’s name was Amat, her mother’s name was Juniper. She had two sisters and two brothers. Kora, Aly, Jon, and Grendle. Her uncle’s name was Skye. They were a happy family, living on their own in the middle of nowhere.
She speculates that her parents were a part of CdC, because before they died they told her to go there, to not just roam as a loner. They were also wonderfully advanced. Her father taught her how to ride, and her mother taught her how to fight. The first time she shifted, her father brought her to her horse, a little mare. The mare was still a filly, and she couldn’t ride her. Her father told her not to ride her, but to take care of her until the filly was old enough for her to ride her. Aniki named her Storm, after her dappled grey coat.
Her mother taught her all kinds of weapon use and hand-to-hand combat, but the only weapons that really stuck with her was dagger fighting. She and her mother fought with wooden daggers until she was ready to fight with live steel. Kora fought with spears, Aly fought with a sword, Grendle fought with a quarterstaff, and Jon fought with daggers as well. Aniki and Jon were the only ones who learned to ride. Grendle, Kora, and Aly focused more on fighting.
Then, when she was 19 months old, Skye and Grendle died in a hunting accident. 2 months later, her family was killed by another pack. The only reason she is alive is because she wasn’t there the day her family was attacked. Her mother had sent her out scouting and mapping their territory. So she returned the next day to find her entire family dead. Instead of falling directly into grief, she took weapons and the only horse not dead, Peachblossom, and left to find this CdC pack.
Father (Dead): Amat
Mother (Dead): Juniper
Uncle (Dead): Skye
Sister #1 (Dead): Kora
Sister #2 (Dead): Aly
Brother #1 (Dead): Jon
Brother #2 (Dead): Grendle
Horse #1 (Dead): Storm
Horse #2: Peachblossom
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