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Male 10 Nov 2015
Timber Wolf Ortus
Vincere comes from the Timber Wolf line. His overall coat is a rich copper tone and often feels much like and otters fur. He has a darker stripe that spreads and mixes well with his average color, starting from between his eyes, down to the end of his tail. A lighter stripe is barely visible on the underbelly of him. As with most breeds, his coat becomes thicker in the fall and winter months and then thins back out at the start of spring. Yes, this results in lots of shedding.The backs of his ears are the same shade as the dark stripe while the inside is a mixture of his lighter and average colored fur. His left ear is nicked due to a past scuffle. His muzzle is boxy but narrows out closer to his black nose. His eyes are a bright hazel with green flakes that are revealed when immersed in light. The pads of his paws are black to match his nose. His tongue is soft pink as well as his gums. All teeth are intact and very much useful. His tail comes down past his knees but not long enough to trip over. At normal wolf height, he stands 2 feet and 9 inches at the shoulder. In Luperci form, he stands 6 foot 4 inches at the top of his head. He isn’t a lanky type of wolf but rather lean, fit, and tall. At first glance, Vincere looks intimidating and unapproachable. This might be the case but it is not always intended to look that way. He is one of the quiet types. Quiet but not fearful. Don’t mistake him for someone who lacks courage. If he has nothing to input into the conversation, he will simply not speak. He often prefers to watch and observe rather than be the center of attention. His gaze is one that would be startling if you found it attached to you. Though quiet, he also is not afraid to say what he thinks. This results in many thinking him to be rude and not the friendly type. True, he may not be friendly but he is simply blunt. As a friend or fellow pack member, Vincere is as loyal as they come. He follows directions and always sticks to the guidelines unless a situation demands otherwise. Others see him as weak for this but he believes that strength can not only come from yourself but from pack unity as well. As a lover, his loyalty does not change. Though he has not had a chance at finding a mate, he isn’t expecting to anytime soon either. He is content with enjoying life as it is. Living in the moment. He will no longer wish for the things he does not have.
November 10th, 2015. A pup was born, a pup was left. It was past the middle of the night, when the moon is at its highest peak. Yet no moonlight was visible. The skies were gray and stormy. The thunder was loud and the lightning streaked brightly across the sky. No noise came from inside the hallowed out cave. It was damp and each thunder clap shook the ceiling above. That night was the night that changed this wolfs life though he could do nothing about it. Being too young to take care of himself, Vincere’s mother assigned another female wolf to nurse him and his littermates. After all was decided, his mother left and did not return for her pups. Growing up was difficult. As soon as he was old enough, his caretaker abandoned them as well, forcing them to fend for themselves. Vincere had been lucky enough to find a loner, named Maku who agreed to be his mentor. Maku taught Vincere how to hunt, fish, climb, find shelter, and other necessary survival techniques. Though they had been traveling together for quite some time, Maku was killed from an injury he had received during a hunt. Vincere continued alone. By this time, he was a year old. Growing up without a pack does one hard on a wolf. Vincere does not know where he came from nor if his family is still alive. He does not search for many personal reasons and does not plan to any time so.
Family is unknown. No friends yet.