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In Character

Male 15 Apr 2014
Wolf(50% Eurasian, 50% Eastern Timber) Ortus

Standing at seven foot one, and weighing around three hundred pounds at his ideal weight, Guillen has inherited his father's imposing physique, and his mother's russet colored fur. Amber colored eyes are set in the male's broad face, his muzzle proportional to the rest of him, an ill defined strip of dark brown along the bridge of his snout, and a similar shade marring his russet fur close to his eyes and forehead.

A mix of dark, and lighter shades of brown show up along Guillen's back, forming a vague stripe down him, going as far as half way down his tail. Brown and russet fur fading to a nearly cream color along his belly, hands, and feet. The wolf is for the most part blemish free, except for a dark black tattoo that is would be hard to make out, unless his fur was trimmed on his right thigh.

Guillen has an interest in wearing fancy clothes, but without the means to make, or maintain such belongings as a loner is left with crude hide cloaks. The occasional tunic, pants not something that he is able to reliably make.
Is generally meticulous in thinking things out, leading to intentional delays on his part, so he can contemplate, rather than just blurting out the first thing that comes to mind.

Tends to be cold, even cruel to others, warmth reserved for those that have gained his favor in some fashion. Usually by yielding to him, since the wolf is not particularly fond of butting heads with an equal as he is lording over something who is ready to follow.

Has a deep seated belief that non-wolves are only fulfilling their purpose when subservient to wolves, that wolves in general are superior to non-wolves. He is capable of hiding this when it suits his purpose, but will be outspoken about his beliefs if he believes the upper hand to be his own.

Is exceptionally interested in practicing/perfecting his 'craft', that is the more physical parts of healing, setting bones, stiches, ect. A touch of sadism on Guillen's part sometimes leading to patients of his own making to take care of. As a result of that desire, he is extremely averse to actually killing other Luperci, seeing it as a wasted opportunity.
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