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Wolf Ortus
Thora is an Eurasian wolf with many complex features. She possesses dark golden eyes, very much like the color of a lightning bolt shooting from the sky. Her eyes are her most stunning feature. Her nose is the color of the darkest of night, all black. Her fur comes in many different colors which all tie together in her own unique style. Thora's fur comes in a mix of browns, whites, greys, and blacks. The sides and bottom of her muzzle is covered in white. Underneath her nose is tinted in black. The top of her muzzle is covered in dark brown. Around her eyes is covered in light brown and between her eyes is dark grey. The fur on her cheeks to her forehead and between her ears at the top of her head is also dark grey. The dark grey also travels down her back to her sides and at the dock of her tail. Some of the fur on her tail is black, and some is brown. The fur on her back legs is brown as well as her front legs except some fur is tinted with dark grey. The fur on her chest is light brown mixed in with dark grey. Her ears are dipped in dark brown, while the tip is tinted with black. The inside of her ears are almost a silver color. Her fur is thick and coarse as a Eurasian wolf should be. Thora is quite tall with long legs, and greatly muscled in every part of her body, possessing an amazing amount of strength, which makes her physically intimidating. She carries every bit herself with pride and confidence, walking with with ears erect, tail raised, and power in her walk. She presents herself with nobility, dignity, pride, and fearlessness. Her tone is strong and unwavering, so she speaks loudly and clearly, making sure she's heard. Her tone can often be seen as assertive at times. She has a British accent with a strong hint of deepness in her voice. Every inch of Thora's body language screams dominant, aside from when she's being submissive to higher wolves. Thora is Luperci who loves to use her Optime form, but still likes to use her other two forms as well. She desires a more human like appearance when using her Optime form. She not only stands straighter due to a liking of a more human like appearance, but to display dominance. Her Secui form looks the same as her Lupus form but with more muscle. In her Optime form, all colors and styles are the same except her mane. Thora styles her long brown greyish mane where some of it hangs in the behind her shoulders, then some in the front of her shoulders. Part of her hair is styled in a single elegant Celtic braid reaching her back. She is very attractive, especially in her Optime form, attractive to the point where it can make some females jealous. Though she has a strong dominant composure, she is very feminine and poised tending to show elegance in her appearance. She wears a celtic necklace. She also wears a short Irish dress with a hoody on it that covers her face. Thora has a Celtic bracelet on her right wrist. Lastly she wears a Celtic headpiece. She carries a Celtic weapon passed down from her family for generations. She has the mark of the Hand of Eris on her right thigh. Thora is a dominant she wolf, and in a matriarchy society, this only strengthens her dominant status. She uses this well to her advantage. For Thora, hierarchy is everything, it determines where you stand.

Failure is never an option for Thora. She is ambitious, and will get where she needs to be by force and with hard work, despite her original appearance. She is very attentive, which makes her quick to quietly exchange information, or simply focus on learning. Thora holds great intelligence (which is mostly used for learning).

She has a selfless attitude, always willing to help her packmates.She devotes herself to the pack, staying loyal to them. She likes to keep herself busy by learning and contributing to the pack. She has a wonderful and outstanding work ethic. Thora is a social wolf who loves to meet and interact with pack mates, especially meet newborn pups! Her loyalty to the pack is as strong as the hardest stone, unbreakable. Despite this, she unknowingly follows the pack secret twisted ways of life as well, keeping it at heart like another instinct. This makes her just as deceptive and dangerous as any other Salsolian. She has a caring side, which is usually reserved to packmates (Less to omegas, but never to slaves).

Thora is quick to negatively judge omegas, especially slaves, usually disregarding them all together. Thora demands respect from lower wolves, and won't hesitate to use dominant aggression to put them back in line. Prejudice against omegas and slaves is common for her. With how strong Thora is, she naturally despises weakness. She has zero tolerance for disrespect from slaves.

Thora possesses many skills and talents. She has a beautiful voice that can sing to the heavens, but doesn't like to sing in front of others. She is greatly skilled with a bow and arrow. She is even talented with riding horses! She is also expertly skilled in the hunt and won't usually eat until her kills have made it to the pack. Thora even knows how to wield the Celtic weapon she carries around with her. She also knows how to fish, and swim as well. Thora is a quick learner and a hard worker. She is neat and well kept. Thora has strong determination to succeed.

Thora is of Celtic descent, upholding her heritage with pride and honor. She is fascinated and fixated with the mysterious and arcane, much like her ancestors. Mother nature intrigues her, she usually observes it. She respects the earth and its creatures. She walks with elegance and power, almost like a powerful gait of a horse. She holds the upmost dignity. She is a strong Celtic female. Sometimes Thora will style her hair in different Celtic braidstyles at times, something she loves to do. She is a wild card, with a brave soul that yearns to run and adventure. Thora can come off as interestingly arcane herself, in a positive magical way.

Thora knows her place in the pack. She knows when to hold her tongue without being asked. She never questions the power of higher wolves, ever. She follows orders to the last letter. Thora doesn't associate with traitors towards the pack, steering clear of them. She shows complete proper submission to higher ranks, showing well displayed etiquette. She is obedient and compliant to those above her and the order of the pack.

Thora holds an elegant British accent with a deep tone added to it. Her last name Connolly means "fierce as a hound" in Irish. A name that suits her dominant behavior.
Thora was born into a large pack in the very South of Canada known as The Savage Ice Pack. They claimed a piece of land where the water was crisp, the air was cold, and the mountains were high. The prey was plentiful year round, including their favorite, elk. The pack were very quick to adapt to their Luperci traits, valuing their Optime form as much as their Lupus form. With their Optime form, life improved greatly for the pack. All in the pack were Lucerpi Ortus, the genes running strongly in the pack. The Savage Ice Pack had no enemies, which secured the safety of the pack. Yet the pack had a reputation for violence and dominance which was the reason they had no enemies.
Thora was the only daughter of Arthur and Asta, the alpha pair. Thora's name meant "like a thunder" in Norse, a name that her parents thought suited her perfectly due to her strong, thunder like, wild Celtic spirit. Even as a newborn she showed signs of boldness. Her childhhod was golden, and she tended to play rough with the other pups, usually to enforce her status. At such a young age, she showed confidence and pride, which was suprising to most, as she was the only daughter of the alpha pair. At six months old she was finally able to shift in her Optime form, which made her parents very proud. She was now the star of the pack. Unfortunately this made her uncle Calder, brother of Arthur, angry. He believed he should be alpha, not his brother.
At twelve months Thora was as dominant, fierce, and violent as her parents. She also inherited her mother's beauty. She was getting more and more independent. Calder being enraged at how Thora was growing came up with a devious plan. He isolated his brother Arthur on the edge of the pack's territory. He then leaped on his back giving a crushing bite to the neck, while Thora watched him secretly camoflauged nearby. Calder returned to the pack and claimed his spot as alpha male lying of his brother's death, but Thora announced to everyone what he did.
Enraged, Calder made an attempt to kill Thora, but not before Asta got in the way between him and her daughter. But Calder was the new alpha, and the pack was now under his control. Asta telling her to run and not to look back, Thora ran only to look back quickly to see Calder kill her mother ruthlessly. Thora never went back, her parents were dead, and her evil uncle was alpha, ready to kill her if she came back. Thora wandered for six months looking for a pack to call home.
Now at eighteen months, she has grown into the perfect image of her parents, looking for a home she can devote and stay loyal to. Her past has only made her stronger ,resilient, and tougher, now ready to start a life of her own.
Her full name her parents bestowed upon her is Thora Connolly. Thora meaning "like a thunder" in Norse. Connolly means "fierce as a hound" in Irish.
Father: Arthur Connolly(Name meaning: Like a bear in Celtic) Good
Mother: Asta (Name meaning: Divine beauty in Norse)
Uncle: Calder Connolly(Name meaning: Harsh and cold waters in Norse)
Grandfather: Name unknown (Past pack leader)
She is a mix of Celtic (60%), British (20%), and Norse (20%). She mainly speaks Celtic/Irish.