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Eastern Timber Wolf Ortus
Cloudy Irill is an Eastern Timber Wolf, but unlike the more common gray variant of the species, Cloudy is mostly a vanilla white color. The only thing breaking the pattern is a stripe of varying shades of gray going in a line down her back, condensing around the tail tip and shoulders. She has a bigger than normal tail that tends to get tangled in things and drag her down when she's swimming across bodies of water, but she has long grown used to it. Her face is naturally shaded with some light gray tones around her eyes and in a streak above the nose the most, but slight shading also appears around the tufts of fur on her cheek and tipping her ears. The nose and paw pads are both a dark gray resembling the color of charcoal. Cloudy's eyes are "mossy", or a dull green, flecked with bits of gold that from a distance makes her eyes look a dark-ish yellow.

Her build is quite athletic, with long slender legs, less body fat, and slightly sharper features, though she is still in the normal range and barely has any advantage over the average wolf, if any. She stands at 29 inches tall and weighs about 71 pounds.
A brief summary of traits:
- Confident
- Fear of water
- "True Neutral"
- Doesn't like shifting

Cloudy is a very confident wolf, often feeling that she could do anything, though this comes to be a disadvantage because she often tries things that are too dangerous for her to do. She also feels a big need for company, let it be a pet rock or a pack. This is mainly because growing up she had lived in a tight knit pack where relations with other wolves were highly valued, along with courage and bravery. Her outgoingness often annoys others, as she butts into conversations or seeks out people even after they made it clear they don't want to talk.

Cloudy is also a "free spirit", as some call it. She does what feels like a good idea, whether or not other's approve, though she prefers to do what is "right". She tends to avoid being on any side of an argument and generally is on the neutral scheme of anything.

Due to experiences as a child, Cloudy Irill has a fear of water, specifically rivers and other fast moving bodies of water. Whenever she needs to drink it's always from calmer waters or things like bowls, where there's no risk of being washed away.

She also highly values her Lupus form over the Optime and only uses Secui occasionally, usually just for fighting. She believes that the humanoid forms are a burden and incompetent compared to the "superior wolf form" as she calls it, and views it like a plague. While she does not approve of it, she's okay seeing others transform, though she sometimes shows mild disapproval for it.

Cloudy is a pretty good hunter and can easily fend for herself, because of how long she lived by herself when she was younger.
Cloudy was born to a small traveling pack living in the Great Lakes area, consisting of his parents, his littermates, and four other members. Her pack valued connections to each other and the outside world to be most important, and because her parents were the alphas of their pack she was taught, more than others, to be fearless and courageous, which led to a lot of her present day personality.

Her pack was often called "primitive" by others for following a traditional wolf hierarchy, rejecting their Optime forms, and not using any tools. Even though they had been born naturally being able to change form, they rejected it. She had been told scary stories and legends about mythical two legged beasts called "humans" that killed thousands of wolves and burned forests, the same stories her parent's parent's told, and so on.This soon manifested into a fear for the humanoid Optime form, resembling so much like the creatures in her stories.

Sometime when she was a juvenile her pack moved to a rendezvous site, like most wild wolves do. Unfortunately, they had to cross a few rivers to get to the traditional location, and during that time there were many storms and the waters were turbulent. While they were crossing some rapids during a particularly bad storm Cloudy was washed away, far downstream. By the time the bad weather passed and she found dry land again she couldn't find them, and any possible scent markers were washed away by the rain. She had searched for them for a long time but gave up after some time, believing them to be dead. She gave up search and, having been deprived of socialization for many wolf years, started looking for a new pack, and ended up in the 'Souls area while wandering.
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