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- Inquisitive
- Wanna-Be Know-it-All
- One with Nature

Minerva was born in Ontario, Canada to a small family of merchant wolves. While traveling New Brunswick she became separated from her family, at 6 months old, when two loners attacked their horse and cart in an attempt to steal their goods. The trauma of this attack prompted her first shift, causing her to be immobile and lost in the forest.

After recovering form the shock and shifting back to lupus form she began her search for her family, following the carts trail east until the trail ran dry. Continuing her search Minerva attempted to fend for herself, but with minimal hunting skills she found herself slowly starving.

Late in September 2016, almost a month after the attack, the alpha of Casa di Cavalieri, Luca Knight, found her outside the pack's border and brought her in for shelter and food. After some convincing that staying in one spot safe was a better option than starving in the wilds alone, she decided to stay.
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