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In Character

Female 15 Jan 1995
Wolf Verto
A large bulky red and magenta wolf with rigid outlines. Jagged like claws used for lacerating through tough layers of elk: dead or alive. Good hygiene, stamina, and strength. Blue eyes encircled with a tint of green and brown. Her tail is long and thick with white circular rings up to the tip. Has a very tense and apathetic persona. Doesn't necessarily like to interact with pups. Very headstrong and only answers to those whose questions are applicable to a specific situation or discussion/topic.
Ex-Beta. Within the hierarchy ladder, she made her way up from defeating her brother, Koba and was selected as beta. After a few moons, Koba reclaimed his position, then delegated to the alpha; discussing her discharge. She tarried, but avoided her pack members from banishing her from the pack, but was soon spotted afterwards. Tends to have flashbacks from her past when something relevant appears or is brought up.
A rogue, an outsider.