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100% canis familiaris (silken windhound, borzoi, smooth-coated collie)
Wander's coat is a mottled mixture of colors. She has a thin undercoat of Olive Haze, which gets thicker about her neck, with an overcoat of Sandstone which is more prominently seen throughout her torso and hips. Her cheeks and legs are splashed with Pale Oyster. Wander's hocks and forelimbs are Pinecone, which also accents the her nape and tail. Between her shoulders is a patch of Dune, which is also along the backs of her ears and the tip of her tail. From her muzzle to the stop of her skull is Masala, as well as a region behind her shoulder blades. Her ribs and sides are lightly mottled with Schooner, which fades into Iron which streaks her underbelly, paws, throat, and dabs the tips of her ears. Wander's eyes are Highland with Axolotl rimming her pupils, of which are hazy with developing cataracts.

Accessory-wise, Wander owns a necklace with three rings, one bronze, silver, and then one with tarnished nickel plating. Her nose is pierced with a gold hoop, as customary for a Salsolan slave. She has very few belongings, usually crafting items or bandages, as well as a jar of honey used for medical purposes, in which she stows in an old worn satchel. Most of her trinkets, though, are junk, mainly kept to entertain her daughter.