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Wolf-Dog Hybrid Non-Luperci
Lukas is a timber wolf/australian shepard mix, making his appearance very unique. His fur is somewhat soft and long, but not as fluffy as a normal australian shepard. It lacks the bushy appearance, and is rather sleek feeling. He does have the soft, fluffy undercoat of a wolf however, but it isn't very visible. He has a beautiful merle coat, with irregular streaks and speckles of blueish-gray and black that contrast his white and tan base color. It is much darker and harder to see than a normal austrian shepard, due to the fact that his colors (base colors in particular) are a much darker, grayer shade of the traditional dog colors. This also makes the small scar on his shoulder more visible, which was given to him by a fox as a pup. His legs are grey-tan, with the color growing lighter the closer it is to his unusually big paws. Lukas' tail is also very unique. It is grayish-tan with a black tip, and the shape and size of a wolf's tail, but much thicker and more bushy. He has a pointed muzzle and stiff-looking, slightly pricked forward ears. He has penetrating, wolf-like amber eyes that can cut through darkness, and somewhat bushy cheek fur. His body frame is very lean and light beneath his fur, allowing for him to run down most prey easier than others. He also has very powerful hind legs that allow him to spring high into the air or leap far forward from a stand-still. This is a result of him practicing his favorite activity so much- climbing. Lukas has also learned a cat-like stalking motion to help him hunt, from practicing walking on flimsy branches. He walks with his head and tail low, with the typical australian shepard movements and posture. Lukas is very adventurous and curious, and he loves exploring new places. He is deeply afflicted with fernwah as well as wanderlust, and cannot stay in one place for long. He has a knack for accidentally getting into trouble and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is almost as if he attracts danger, but he is clever and creative, and finds ways to get out of it. He is always alert for danger and sometimes manages to spot predators before they see him. He has mild social anxiety, and doesn't sleep often. He usually only naps, and often has bags under his eyes. As long as he keeps on the move and is busy with something, he is happy and in a good mood. Lukas is not the best when it comes to social interactions and is an introvert to the max, but if anyone is able to see past his awkward, shy exterior, then they have found themselves a friend who will never leave their sides. Although he tends to be pessimistic, he is good at concealing his true feelings to help others feel better, and puts others before himself. He also tends to be very sympathetic and forgiving, and can be easily taken advantage of. He is often able to stick up for others, but has a difficult time sticking up for himself.
Lukas and his three siblings (Hero, Eclipse, and Anthorium) were born as loners in a den about a day's journey away from the territory of a small pack. Their father had mysteriously disappeared soon after they were born, so they only had their mother to look after them. He had a pretty carefree pup-hood, and could often be found wandering off alone away from the den as soon as he could walk decently. This ended, however, after he unknowingly brought a fox back to the den with him. It killed Anthorium, and left Lukas with a wound on his shoulder before his mother was able to return from the hunting grounds and chase it away. They were very strictly bound to the den after that, and their mother would only travel a short distance away from the den to hunt for fear the fox would return. This meant that she was not able to bring back enough prey for herself and her family. They began to slowly starve as the days grew colder, and so their mother took them out one night on a long journey. It was long and tiring for the three brothers, although Lukas inwardly enjoyed it. Several times he got the opportunity to sneak away, but the scar on his shoulder reminded him not to. Their mother brought them to the pack territory, where she believed that they would be better looked after. The pups were taken in, but their mother was given the omega rank. She soon left due to harsh treatment and so Lukas, Eclipse, and Hero were on their own. They grew up to be decent fighters and hunters, and were a good addition to the pack. Whereas his brothers chose to stay, Lukas left the pack as soon as he could. Although he was a respected member of the pack, he longed to travel and live the life he had lived as a pup. That way, he could adventure as he pleased without hurting anyone other than himself. So, Lukas became a loner and is now roaming the wilds in search of new adventures and discoveries.