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Schnoodle, 51% Schnauzer 49% Poodle Ortus
The Schnauzer dominant Hybrid is black and white, with smooth, silky fur. Healey's fur is wavy and overgrown, because he doesn't care about his appearance to much. His muzzle is mainly white, but small streaks of black are still visible. The eyebrows on the mutt are white, aswell as a stripe from the muzzle, conjoining the muzzle to the white patch on the top of his head. His chest and under-fur are fully white, as well as his long, curly-furred tail. Headley's legs aren't fully white, however, they are mainly white- but they all have black socks that go just above the cross-breed's hocks and elbows. Across Headley's body and neck a few, faint, white spots are visible. His eyes, in his Lupus form, are barely visible due to the long, wavy, overgrown fur. But, if anybody where to see them, the left would be a solid blue, whilst the right would be a forest green.

He looks no different in his Secui form, nor when he shifts into his Optime form. However, in his Optime form, his heterochromia becomes a lot more visible, and he styles his hair (mane). He styles it so it comes down to his side, the left side of his face, and his deep blue eye would be covered by his flowy, smooth hair.
Headley isn't really the type for fighting, but it will certainly be done if necessary. The mutt is usually forgiving, very out-going and social, and he will do almost everything he has been told to do. Due to this, he can be tricked quite easily, but is likely to not be extremely mad about it, and will instead be very forgiving.

He tries to be kind, and to make as many friends as possible. Headley has a few dislikes, fish he has a strong hatred for and frogs disgust him, mainly because of their slimy coats. He has a few more dislikes, such as the strong scent of lavendar, but he has quite a few things he's rather fond of- such as the sand on beaches, and the salty water of the ocean. The hybrid also has a thing for collecting- specifically stones, and wierd things he's stumbled across.

He has a little ambition for finding his father- or rather, any member of family. However, he is not willing to do anything to achieve it.

Here's what Headley doesn't really enjoy, and what he gets pretty upset about- Rudeness. The Schnauzer hybrid can't stand rude words, thats kind of his weakness.
Headley was born in June on the 24th. Whilst he had two sisters and a brother, he can't really remember them. He was born in a small pack, not too far away from 'souls, but he hadn't ever heard of them. The mutt always believed his father favoured him, and he probably did, but he was never to ask. His father specialized in horse riding, and Headley learned quite a few things from his talented father. One cold winter, though, the pack had lost one or two members, and they were getgting significantly weaker. The packs leader decided that it wasn't the weather, it was the areas climate that had affected the pack. So, they moved their territory, hoping to find a safer place to live. Headley decided that helping his father was a good option, so thats what he did.

Unfortunately, things went downhill quick. There were some dangerous predators, who decreased the small pack's numbers, his little sister unfortunately being a major target. After travelling to a new location, there was very few now left, compared to the packs previous population, and they decided to disband. Headley, his brother and father headed off towards 'souls, whilst his mother and only sister went another direction.

Along his journey, they split up. To this day, Headley doesn't know if they made it, but he hoped everyday they were safe. His father gifted him a horse he had taken with him. She was un-named, but Headley gave her the name Flake, after his dead sister, and because she was black, with many white dashes. The two had bonded very well, and were the best of friends. They had finally arrived at 'souls, and now are searching for a home.
Flake~ His black and white horse companion, given by his father.