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In Character

Female 13 Jul 2017
Hybrid Ortus
(Optime: 6’9, 162 lbs) with a skinny boyish figure.

When she develops fully, her body will take on very little curve, keeping a more “rectangular” figure instead. This doesn't take away from her quiet, hidden beauty, however. Physical activity will keep her mind sharp, but never to the extent of bulking up. Her snout is prominently curved like her father's, but more tapered and feminine in design. Her ears are very wolfish; leaning completely to her mother's side. She gets beauty from her mother, and facial structure from her father; her eyes are stunning, but undeniably frightening, and her jaws are large and wicked when opened to their full breadth.

She has a slightly-long rough coat, with a blend of stark gray, dark brown as well as cream on her legs and chest. Her eyes are gradually turning blood-red with a steely gray weaving around the edges of her iris, fighting away their youthful blue colour. As a young girl Serana will style her hair daily with ribbons and little bows placed carefully. She will wear clothing at her own discretion. She always appears clean and proper, almost to the point of concern.
Quick-witted, Brilliant:
Serana is a fast-learner, but sometimes athletically uncoordinated and if she takes to something, she tends to obsessed over that skill or interest to the point of perfection. When problems best her, or her goals escape her, she becomes malignant and emotional.

Serana is brilliant-minded, and finds herself trying to preemptively decipher life before it even unfolds. Sometimes when she precedes life, she is disappointed with what actually happens. She observes things well, using the information she gathers to outsmart people, to her thorough enjoyment. Sera enjoys the idea of knowledge being a weapon she can use throughout life.

Her curiosity is extreme and childish, but immeasurably intense, and almost removed. Her level of thinking goes beyond the norm, and she often seems as if she is removed from herself. Her caution is unparalleled, and often mistaken for cowardice, though she simply prefers wit to muscle. She likes mind games, and fears injury and death but chooses not to show fear in turn for silence. She has a small, athletic body with no bias toward fat or muscle. Just lean. She all but has no combat skills besides natural instinct.

She likes when things are planned, surgical. She is a clumsy warrior of intellect with difficulty socializing.

Serana will have a sense of familial commitment, trying to maintain a traditional feeling of “togetherness”. Serana also likes to feel as though she is the most insightful of her siblings, and likes to watch over them—keeping them “in check” despite her isolation and distance from them.

Serana tries to be the mother figure her mom never was.

She is an introvert at heart, being far more comfortable with her own thoughts. As such, particularly long bouts of social activity may prove to be draining, and cause her to lash out or become ignorant. Some may find her annoying or presumptuous due to her intelligence, and her arrogance. She gets agitated if she doesn't exercise her mind in stimulating ways, usually resorting to books, puzzles, mathematics and sciences to extend her knowledge along with random hobbies.

Serana manages situations from the back wall; preferring not to get involved.
Born in Anathema July 13th, 2017. Was raised by a psychopathic mother and father. Abused and unloved. They all escaped as a family after the fall of Anathema.

After her father died, her mother left Nova Scotia and her and her two siblings remained.
Charletter-Ebony Leishman: Mother

Izual Massacre: Father

Siblings: Dystopia Massacre, Aidan Massacre, Catharsis Massacre
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