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In Character

Female 13 Feb 2016
75% Arctic Wolf, 25% Alaskan Husky Ortus
Eva is surprisingly small, a fact that isn't always so apparent as she also has a thick, insulating undercoat to protect her from the northern elements. The tricolor female is dainty in appearance and perhaps not best suited for physical combat, but she makes up for it in her speed and dexterity. Indeed, she has the long, muscular legs and lean body of her Alaskan Husky ancestors. She also has a heavily furred tail with the traditional Husky curl.

Eva has Heterochromia iridis, which means her eyes are different colors. Her right is Hawaiian Tan (#995725) while her left one is mostly Spindle (#a5c2d5), with a single splash of Hawaiian Tan (#995725).

Her base coat is primarily Old Lace (#F7F2E9) with Bleach White (#EBE1CC) saddle markings on her back and shoulders. Her coloring is rather peculiar considering her genetic ancestry, as she also has minimal Brandy Punch (#ba7e3e) markings on her buttocks that fade into her tail, leaving the tip to be the same as her base coat: Old Lace (#F7F2E9). The tips of both her ears and part of her face are also Brandy Punch (#ba7e3e), as is part of her shoulders and her left hind paw.

Eva is most comfortable in her Optime form when she is completing tasks at home or traveling short distances. She has long, wavy hair the color of Brandy Punch (#ba7e3e). It falls about halfway down her back and is usually kept in a simple three-strand braid. She doesn't make a habit of wearing any clothing but enjoys bird feathers in her hair or rope necklaces around her neck.

When she isn't in her Optime form, which is rare, Eva will be in her Lupus form. She is almost never in the Secui form.

She presently has no scars or other distinguishable features.


Height: 5'3" (161.5 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs. (65.7 kg)


Height: 34 in. (86.3 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs. (54.4 kg)


Height: 24 in. (60.9 cm)
Weight: 65 lbs. (29.5 kg)

Eva is a very docile and mild-mannered beast, hardly the type to make a fuss about the small things.

While not incredibly outgoing, she is by no means shy. She truly does enjoy large gatherings. She loves the hustle and bustle, the feeling of camaraderie, the sound of laughter and chatter. She enjoys being alone with her thoughts at times, especially when she is feeling overwhelmed, but she also finds pleasure in being part of a group. You have to understand, she is still more introverted than not. She won't usually be the one to take a leadership role, preferring to listen and observe.

She is independent, energetic and dutiful. She works very hard and is incredibly passionate about every task at hand, no matter the importance. When Eva loves something, she will put her heart and soul into it and work herself to the bone. She also prefers to try things on her own instead of asking for help. This is partly due to the fact that Eva is afraid of being a bother.

In social situations, Eva can sometimes come across as a bit awkward. She gets flustered fairly easily, especially around the opposite sex. She is very good around pups however as she is calm and nurturing, with a vibrant, almost childlike spirit about her.

She has an adventurous side that often leads her to drift away from her home to discover new places and new things. She loves meeting new people with life experiences different from her own.

She is welcoming and accepting of new people and not one to judge, but she will show aggression if she is feeling threatened or if she is pushed into a corner. She is also very protective of her loved ones and does not wish to see them harmed, however she is aware of her capabilities as a fighter – or lack thereof – and wouldn't normally put herself at risk by acting impulsively or irrationally.

Eva has skills in rudimentary medicine. She has knowledge of herbs and plants that grow in the area and can use them to create cures, salves and tonics. However, she was always more interested in emergency medicine, preferring to work with bandages and thread.

Eva can read and write but her skill is very basic.
Eva's roots are frozen in the earth far up north. She comes from a cold world that is covered in white most months out of the year. Her birth pack was primarily made up of hunters, herbalists and tradesmen in the flat and treeless tundra north of Brooks Range in Alaska.

If asked about her family, Eva would say she has none. Her father was mortally wounded while on a hunt some weeks after her birth and her three litter mates came out of their mother stillborn. Her mama failed to thrive after giving birth to her pups. She was fragile and weak, and eventually she succumbed to death. Eva was the only survivor of her family that winter.

She grew up as the daughter of her pack, trained by the elderly herbalist to take over as the medicine woman once she came of age. It was a traveling merchant that poked and prodded at her sense of adventure when she was about a year old. With no real ties to anyone, she chose to leave with him and discover what the world beyond her pack-lands had to offer for her.

The life of a nomad was thrilling for a while. She enjoyed meeting new people and discovering the wastelands that were left behind by humankind years and years ago. Soon enough however, she began to feel a little homesick. Sometimes food was difficult to come by. Sometimes she was surrounded by people that were less than pleasant. It wasn't all she imagined it would be, especially not when the merchant she was traveling with left her behind one night and never returned.

Alone, scared, searching for a place to call home, Eva eventually made her way east to Nova Scotia, spending most of her summer in a small community by the sea, but as of late she has made her way a little further inland, traveling for days along the River of Fire, in search of a place to call home before the looming winter.