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An animal NPC named Midnight. She's a deep black crow with dark blue eyes. Midnight is snappy and easily frustrated, but she's always looking out for Blaze. 15
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Wolf Coyote mix Ortus
Blaze is a bit larger than the average coyote, though she is still mostly thin and agile. She is tall and has a slight hourglass shape (optime). Her legs are a bit longer than the average coyote.
Her fur is a sandy color with grey dusting her face and back. It is short and messy. Her tail and chest/neck has longer fur than the rest of her body.
Her eyes are a deep forest green that can appear lighter in certain lighting. They're squinted in a glare most of the time.
Her ears are between the size of a coyote's and a wolf's, and they sit more on top of her head than the side. Her muzzle is slightly broader than a coyote's, though it's still the same length.
Her right ear has a small notch in it, and she has a small scar on the bridge of her nose. Her right arm has a few small scars from when Midnight gripped her too tightly.
She owns a messily made necklace with the teeth of her prey entwined in it. She also owns an old, brown cloak that's torn and a bit small too for her, due to once belonging to a human before they were wiped out.
Her claws are in horrible condition, being chipped and broken from when she kicks rocks, accidentally or on purpose. Her teeth and jaw are in better condition, and are her main weapons.
Blaze is very aggressive. She's quick to begin snarling and snapping at anyone. Her aggressive nature is what has been keeping her away from packs, she believes they aren't ready for her to continuously devolve into an angry, snarling mess. She's aware that she gets angry easily, but doesn't want to change. It's part of her nature and others have to deal with it.
Blaze is very loyal toward her friends and family. If you want to hurt them, you're gonna have to get through her, first. And she often makes that a challenge. She doesn't take betrayal well, and often never acknowledges anyone who betrays her until they prove themselves.
Blaze is willing to be submissive when necessary. She's learned that submission is what gets people to like her. It's her belief that they believe she isn't dangerous if she's submissive, and if that gets her a pack, she's willing to try it.
Blaze isn't very social, preferring a small group of friends than a large one. She's willing to work in a pack, but believes too many friends is too difficult to manage. She's much friendlier with animals that speak the lower language. She finds it easier to communicate just through body language.
Blaze is very good at hunting, but she wishes to be a falconer. She also wants to get into piercing.
Blaze was born to a coyote mother and a coyote-grey wolf father, both of which were Luperci. She was the only pup in her litter and her older siblings had already moved on to find a pack. She was raised well by her parents. Her father taught her how to fight, and her mother taught her how to hunt. She also picked up how to make jewelry from from her mother. The first thing she made was a messy necklace with the teeth of her prey intertwined within it.
Once Blaze was two years old, she left to find a pack. She wasn't sure of which pack would be good for her, as she wasn't very knowledgeable of the packs. For the first month, she wandered around the neutral territories and examined the different packs' borders. After that, a cougar took pity on her and decided to teach her how to survive on her own.
The cougar mentored her for two months in the art of hunting alone, for she'd always hunt with her father. She picked up a few habits, such as lashing her tail when angry, but was still very canine like.
After her fifth month of searching for a pack, Blaze met Midnight. Midnight stayed by her side for the rest of her journey to find a pack.
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