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Nobody who knew Howland’s younger self would recognize him now; nobody who knows Howland now would recognize his younger self. As a child, he was a happy, excitable youth who had a passion for learning and games, and was fundamentally romantic. After the tragedy happened, however, the man was so wrought with grief and guilt, especially after Cavillaca’s suicide, that he closed off all parts of himself.

Now, Howland is a serious, stoic, no-nonsense figure. He seems to be deeply anti-social, keeping to himself and appearing to be a gump-ass 90% of the time. It is clear that his number-one directive at all times is to maintain the safety of the pack. However, beneath this stony exterior lies a complex creature.

Howland is a man chewed up inside by anguish and fault. He is also a well-educated, well-read bibliophile who still secretly delves into nightly romance novels and sonnets. He highly regards education and intelligence in others, as well as physical skills – though he is not elitist, and admires even those who are not adept at a skill as long as they show perseverance.

It is next to impossible to chip away at Howland’s well-constructed stone walls, but perhaps after years of living within the pack a lucky few might slowly wriggle their way into the cracks…
The stoic, serious figure that is Howland Reeves is a quiet, private man. Most have just come to accept this as Howland and now question it, but in truth he keeps his past shrouded in mystery because it is rife with tragedy. Born in South America, he grew up in a small family pack in Loja, Ecuador, among a small but proud society of cooperative family groups. The groups functioned out of the ruins of the city and surrounding paramo valley and cloud-forests, coming together for trade, shelter, protection, and other services. Often, the family-packs would celebrate various festivals and holidays together, but on a day-to-day basis each family kept to itself.

The young males of the family who were almost of age were charged with the task of protecting the younger generation – and women of the same age – while the elder members went off to hunt. Typically there was not much danger to the youngsters when the adults left, so an adolescent guard or two was more than ample protection. But a group of nomadic bandits had set their sights on the prosperous people of Loja, and had been planning an attack after weeks of reconnaissance. Finding the task trivial, he snuck off with Cavillaca, a cousin who he had fallen in love with. At the sound of screaming and the scent of scorched flesh, Howland and Cavillaca returned home to discover the younglings had all been murdered – burnt to death – and their home raided for anything of value, including food, tools, and family jewelry. Howland and Cavi were forced to face reality, and take responsibility for their part in the tragedy. A week later, Cavillaca committed suicide out of grief over her part in the massacre of the innocent children.

Unable to protect the children, and unable to even stop Cavillaca’s suicide, Howland forced himself to leave in a self-imposed exile. He wanted to get as far away from his heinous failure as possible, and began to travel north. He shed every piece of his former self possible, even studying the new dialects he came across as he traveled into North America, up through Mexico, the United States, and Canada, hiding his origins, denying his past, erasing his own patois, mannerisms, customs, even changing his surname as he went, and selling his blade as a sellsword and guard in eternal penance for his crimes.

Then finally, in 2016, the harsh Canadian tundra proved that the wolfdog had traveled as far north as he could possibly go. He found himself in Nova Scotia, where the weary traveler, unable to maintain the illusion of changing loyalties that was necessary for a sellsword, finally gave in and quit fighting his nature, and set down roots in Casa di Cavalieri. Yet, to this day, he keeps himself carefully guarded against the world, allowing none to grow close, lest he fail them again…
Click Here Howland has two Nubian nanny goats that he keeps for their milk and affection.
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