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Hirsch is a slightly larger sized she-wolf. She is a dark, desaturated chocolate brown color, with accents of darker blacks and browns flecked throughout her pelt, most notably on her haunches and shoulders. Her legs and feet are black, fading up into the mouse grey nearer to her body. Her large, black face mask comes to a point just below a small patch of redder brown fur on her forehead, and nestled in between two large, black ears. In her Lupus form, she is roughly 2'9" (33”) at the shoulder, 5'2" in length, and about 93lbs.
In her Optime form, her mane grows out, becoming wavier and less course until it eventually settles into soft chocolate and black curls. While the curls grow out from her neck and back, down to her shoulder blades, she keeps the ones around her face relatively short, chopping them off with her knife when they become too unruly for her liking. As a result, she ends up with a rather unkempt, boyish mop, which intelligent light grey eyes peer out from behind.
She has a rather androgynous appearance, with boxy hips and not much of a defined waist, yet, despite her desire to retain a boyish look, she has been blessed with a somewhat considerable bust. Hirsch does not wear many clothes, feeling as though they hinder her when she must shift, but does frequently don a hooded grey wool cloak in the colder months. She occasionally wears pants and a sleeveless shirt, sometimes with a vest, in an effort to appear civilized when interacting with other Luperci, especially when they are in Optime form.
Hirsch is highly intelligent and decently competent, but is still young and inexperienced, which can cause her to become very unsure of herself. Her self-doubt can cause a lot of problems for her, sometimes devolving into anxiety and depression, especially when she feels she has or might underperform in front of others. When she does find herself confident in her capabilities, she absolutely flourishes, even taking charge of situations that she believes she can handle. She often has a kind, curious, and playful manner once she has begun interacting with others. However, she does suffer from the fact that she often comes off as standoffish, due to her menacing appearance when her face is relaxed.
She takes great joy in the activities of hunting and roughhousing, still having a lot of puppy in her, yet she is rather mature and does not like to be seen as a dumb youngster. She is not an overtly dominant wolf, making no real move to overpower or overthrow, but she fully expects any position she acquires to be recognized and respected. She is an excellent student, and enjoys learning, often desiring to learn new skills. Due to this, Hirsch holds many interests, including the arts, especially music and sculpture. She habitually slips into singing when she is alone or working, and has quite an exceptional singing voice. She is affectionate and even romantic in nature, once in a relationship, and is incredibly flirty with males and females alike. She is prone to casual demonstrations of affection as well, enjoying complimenting and touching those she likes.
While her family enjoyed dipping into considerably feral lifestyle for much of their time, the Renards eventually settled into a small, abandoned farmhouse together, bringing their horses with them. This wood and brick cottage is Hirsch’s birthplace, and was practically all she’s known for a long time. Under the tutelage of her aunt and mother, she learned all that she now knows about horsemanship, and equine care. With her family taking advantage of the woods surrounding their home, Hirsch had the opportunity to learn the art of tracking and killing prey, utilizing her Lupus form most often, due to it’s stamina and natural feeling.
As such, while she is a decent equestrian, she does not know how to hunt on horseback, never having learned how to fire a bow. She has a strong desire to find someone to teach her archery and, eventually, wants to rise to a level where she could easily defend and provide for herself. Once she reached her first year, she decided it was time to explore and see what the rest of the world had to offer her. Taking some clothes, some tools, and her favorite horse, she has recently set out on her own, unsure of what she is seeking, but determined to find it. However, the journey has not been easy. Without a pack, food is hard to come by, and her lack of real weapons puts her at a further disadvantage. Now she’s searching for a group to call her own, the loneliness and hunger finally getting to her, but her pride and determination preventing her from turning home
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