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Eurasian Wolf Ortus
Aras is an abnormally large, mostly tawny, Eurasian wolf. Her Lupus form alone reaches 108 centimeters, and her Optime form just above 7 feet. Her body is muscular because of her strenuous work, leading to a more bulky form as well. Most of her body is a tawny-brown color with white on her neck and cheeks and some grey fur stretching down her spine and around the top of her head. Her eyes are heterochromial, with her right a piercing blue and her left a greenish brown. She regularly grooms her hair, which she keeps in a braid to prevent injuries from her profession. Her hair is colored the same grey as the rest of the top of her head. She stands in a more humanoid stance during Optime form, keeping her back strait and her legs extended.

In terms of clothing Aras is known for wearing complete or mostly complete outfits. For day to day life Aras can be seen donning a brown cloak with a skirt and pants underneath. She also regularly wears a tattered black top hat, with stitches and patches showing its visible age. Due to her profession requiring slightly heavier clothing, she can also be seen donning typical smithy garb with an apron strung in the front. She still wears her top hat for work though, the main reason for most of it's damage.
Aras is typically a very friendly and social person in most of her encounters. She is trusting and outgoing, sometimes leading to problems arising from her giving to much trust, or focusing to much on helping other people. She has a strong and tough view on herself and others, always believing that herself and others can accomplish almost anything if they simply try. She is not always the best with large crowds and groups, as she becomes self conscious with all of the eyes on her. She is proud of herself and her profession, but always strives to improve herself and others.

In the case of getting on Aras' bad side, she is known to keep her blunt and headstrong attitude. Those who Aras receives a grudge with should know of her sometimes explosive outbursts of anger and rage. In the case of herself feeling that she or a friend was wronged, she is known to seek out the wrong doer and "Set them right". In the case of her believing a problem was caused by herself, even if caused by accident, she will become incredibly distraught and worried, doing anything in her power to help whoever needs it. In the case of her injuring, or even killing, someone close, she will enter a state of depression that can take weeks or even months to recover from.
Aras was born in the remnants of eastern Europe and western Russia, where she lived for the first 5 months of her life with her father and mother. They were both Eurasian wolfs themselves, but unlike most living in Eurasia, they kept a mostly feral and uncivilized life. Occasionally some of her father's more civilized friends would come and visit their family and would mention stories of the civilized world to the young pup. These stories lit a fire deep in her soul, a flame dying for a chance to see and experience this new world. She soon began to ask her parents if they could go and see the towns of wolves the friends had talked about. Her parents refused, having their own personal reasons to not return. Aras' curiosity quickly grew to confusion "Why do they not want to go?", "Why do they refuse to let me see?", "Why do they feel content living here?". That confusion soon grew anger, and that anger soon grew rebellious. Two weeks after her third month, Aras decided that she was going to go, even if she had to go by herself. On a slightly less snowy night Aras sprinted off, her new life in the wilds just beginning. Soon after her parents discovered her missing. They quickly set after her, knowing an untrained pup could not survive for long. After some running Aras grew tired and began to walk. This slower movement soon grew the attention of a new idea to Aras: Predators. A rabid bear charges down at the tired pup, foam pouring profusely from its mouth. Aras ran for some time until she found a hiding place: an abandoned burrow. Whatever had once nested here had long gone however, as the scents that lined the hole were stale. The bear soon uncovered the hole as well, sticking it's muzzle into the hole for a better smell. Aras realized she could not last like this forever, but waited patiently for some form of divine intervention. It came in the form of her two parents, rushing in and attacking the bear. Sensing the smell of their young pup they immediately engaged the bear, ripping into it's side fur. The battle lasted a few minutes, with both sides sustaining injuries but the wolves eventually came out victorious. As Aras emerged she witnessed her parents injuries, bleeding from bite wounds across their bodies. Both Aras and her parents knew the affects of rabies, and realized they didn't have long to live. Even to Aras' protests, her parents told her that she must leave immediately as to prevent herself from becoming infected. Her father quickly taught her the basics of hunting, and then they ran off, leaving Aras all alone in the dark woods.

Life was not easy for little Aras, and for that she had to become stronger. After two weeks of almost starving, Aras gained the ability to change forms at the age of 6 and a half months. She quickly adapted to this form, using primitive tools for most of her hunting needs. after two weeks of exploring with her new form, Aras discovered an old human cabin in the woods. Inside Aras met a wolf named Smith. Smith was also a Luperci Ortus, and quickly took in the malnourished pup. He clothed her and warmed her out of his own hospitality. He gave her the signature top hat she wears to this day and quickly became her new friend. Smith ventured to the nearest town once a month and offered to take Aras the next time he went. After another two weeks they finally reached the village, where Aras learned a new passion: Smithing. Smith owned the town forge and came in once a month to check on the place. After Aras expressed interest he offered to let her go on as his son, Jake,'s apprentice. Aras trained hard with her master for many months, her master noticing her abnormal size. Her body type was well suited for the vigorous work of blacksmithing, but this alone would not drag her to mastery. Aras spent the next 17 months of her life training to become an experienced blacksmith. For those months she accustomed her self to the trade of making and selling weapons. Though knowing the very basics of most weapons, Aras prided herself on her blades, which she was talented at creating. Though still far from an absolute master of craft, on her 27th month she set out from the watchful eye of her master and began to search for a place to make a living. After a month of traveling she heard word of the "New world" A place across the ocean where towns were rare and many wolves roamed still nomadic and wild. Something inside her drew her to this new land, and she decided that is where she should start.

She quickly found a boat that would take her to this new land and set off immediately. After a month of sailing, Aras reached her destination and set off to find a place to call home
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