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Luperci America's second favorite soda!
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Female 24 Jan 2017
Wolf Ortus
She's a pure wolf, and looks it - the only exception is her droopy right ear. To her dismay, she has a youthful face (and she's also self-conscious of her floppy ear). Her hair is heavily styled and greased with tallow. She's a little scrawny for a wolf, but otherwise very average in build and size. Pepsi is highly humanized and rarely, if ever, shifts into her Lupus and Secui forms. Pepsi's primary motivation is to "be cool". She wants to be surrounded by people who are impressed with and like her, and she wants to hold positions of power; this means that she'll do things that she doesn't actually want to do to fit in with those she thinks are popular or powerful. She's inherently selfish, but not necessarily cruel. She is a coward, however, and won't go out of her way to help others if she thinks it'll cause harm to come to her.