Transgression Daemon

Out of Character

Mistfell Vale
Whalstray (NPC)
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In Character

Female 20 Jan 2013
Wolf Ortus
With mixtures of brown’s, and greys upon her back to make a dark saddle upon her back, that spreads up her neck and down to the sides of her face. Upon an off-white body, that was clearly not built for strength. The small figured body, was built more for being quick on her feet, and moving about as softly and quietly as possible. Transgression did not inherit the Rhiannon heterochromia gene; however, she did manage to get the blue eyes that came from her grandmother Deuce. Within the blue of her eyes, there are flakes of green with in them. Transgression is very meek. She was raised to be a servant for the pack, aiding with in the daily function of the pack life. She was trained from a young age to tuck tail and never to look anyone in the eyes. She has been mentally beaten down since she was a young pup to never expect, or ask of any other rank in her pack then that of a helping hand.
The daughter of Sora Rhiannon and a one night stand, her mother was in active labor and needed a place to stay. A pack long the trip back to Sora’s birth pack offered Transgression’s mother a place to stay, and live. Even promised her a safe spot for Sora to give birth. However, just like anything else in life she was given this chance with a price. The price was a pup from the litter that would forever be a part of the pack. So Sora agreed, had her litter of pups and left the one. Ironically named Transgression. Named so since the sins of her mother had left her without her family, and she was in turn made the pack servant. Sure, there was a nice place for her to sleep at the end of the day, she was not allowed to even think about the life of a normal female. Having feelings for another, or even having any other job within the pack.
Most of the Sawtooth's and Rhiannon's.